Bidwell Bump hosted by CSU, Chico Cycling
Chico, CA
09/16/2006 - 09/17/2006
USAC Permit Number 2006-1693
 Event Description
There are two races over the course of the weekend. On Saaturday the 23 riders will race the Bidwell Bump. A 13 mile loop that has some of the best single track in northern California. On Sunday there will be a Super D in the time trail format.

 Course Description
THe Bidwell Bump starts on a long jeep road climb for about four miles. Then it takes a left turn down a nine minute descent. Next the racers will ride a fire road down to a creek crossing. From there the course will snake up another fireroad. At the top the racers will be rewarded wwith a ripping four mile descent. A hike a bike is the last major challenge in the race. The finish will be the old gun range after South Rim Trail. It is a point to point 13 mile course. The Super D will start from the top of the south ridge in Bidwell Park. The course will be a mix of single track and fire road with some climbing. It will finish at the same place as the XC race.
 Start Time   Gender   Discpline   Category   Age   Prizes   Places   Length   Field  Fee 
      Beginer    swag  1,2,3 13.2 miles  unkn   $35
      Pro/Expert    swag  1,2,3 13.2 miles  unkn   $35
      Sport    swag  1,2,3 13.2 miles  unkn   $35
 Start Time   Gender   Discpline   Category   Age   Prizes   Places   Length   Field  Fee 
      Pro/Expert    swag  1,2,3 Super D 4 miles  unkn   $35
      Sport    swag  1,2,3 Super D 4 miles  unkn   $35

On site registration starts at 6:30 am on Saturday and 7:00 on Sunday.

The XC race is short but punishing. We will most likely shorten the course for sport and beginer riders. Make sure you bring alot of tubes, and run high psi if your on a hard tail. Time to beat on the course is 1:12:35.

Registration will be a Five Mile Recreation Area in Bidwell Park. Here is a link to a map,

 For More Information:
Matthew Cipes
Chico, CA
(818) 599-1582