Andrew Hager Election Statement


Andrew Hager
Cyclo-cross Committee - At-Large

Dear USA Cycling members, my name is Andrew Hager and I am running for the At-Large position on USA Cycling’s Cyclo-cross Committee. As an avid cyclist and especially avid cyclo-cross racer, bicycle industry professional and resident of the 2016 Cyclo-cross National Championships host city I am eager and would be honored to serve as a member of this committee. I believe my experience in the race scene, bicycle business and enthusiasm for Cyclo-cross will make me an invaluable asset to USA Cycling.
When I first saw that this seat was available for this year's election I was immediately interested out of my passion for the sport and eagerness to be involved. Since then I have had conversations with many different types of USAC license holders and got feedback from parents of Juniors, officials, USAC mechanics, former elite masters, masters world medalists and every day joe weekend racers and race promoters. One thing that rings true from all these different "user groups" is that USAC members want a return on their investment in their license, race permit, investment in sponsorship or program. I hope to get your vote to be that connection on the inside that you guys need on the committee, whether you are a mid pack cat 4, Junior going to Eurocross camp or a freshly licensed UCI card holder. 

Coming from a region that has experienced phenomenal growth and development in the discipline of Cyclo-cross, I aim to share the enthusiasm to help other regions develop strong racing communities. With my dues paid as a racer, working with companies who have stake in sponsorship and /or developing discipline specific equipment as well as seeing how hard race promoter’s work to keep events alive, I believe I am qualified to help keep all invested earning a strong return on their investment into Cyclo-cross. Having participated in other USAC programs, I have a strong feel for how to be involved and effective between the Federation and the Cyclo-cross community. 
I would like to thank USA Cycling for holding these positions open to election. I would like to thank the License holders of USA Cycling for being involved and helping develop cycling, especially Cyclo-cross in the United States. If you have any questions regarding my nomination or stance on specific issues you can reach me via the contact info below.
Andrew “Drew” Hager 

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