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Bethel Cycle Sport Club
5 Depot Place
Bethel, CT 06801
(203) 792-4640
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Club ID: 9764
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Expired 2015

Club Contacts:
Gregory Pelican
Eugene Pringle

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Sponsored Events
2012-2081 2012 Lime Rock Park Cycling Grand Prix
2011-1239 Housatonic Hills Road Race
2010-1903 Housatonic Hills Road Race
2010-289 Circuit de Francis J Clarke
2010-288 Criterium de Bethel
2010-287 Bethel CDP Gold Race
2010-286 Tour de Kirche
2010-285 Ris Van Bethel
2010-284 Ronde de Bethel
2009-300 Circuit de Francis J Clarke
2009-299 Criterium de Bethel
2009-298 Bethel CDP Gold Race
2009-297 Tour de Kirche
2009-296 Ris van Bethel
2008-270 Circuit de Francis J Clarke
2008-269 Criterium de Bethel
2008-268 Bethel CDP Gold Race
2008-266 Ris van Bethel
2008-265 Ronde de Bethel
2007-114 Ris van Bethel
2007-113 Criterium de Bethel
2007-112 Bethel CDP Gold Race
2007-110 Circuit de Francis J Clarke
2007-109 Ronde de Bethel
2005-284 Circuit de Francis J Clarke
2005-283 Criterium de Bethel
2005-282 Bethel CDP Gold Race
2005-281 Tour de Kirche
2005-280 Ris van Bethel
2005-279 Ronde de Bethel