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Middle Earth
PO BOX 8045
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
(908) 725-7223
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Club ID: 9224
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Expired 2015

Club Contacts:
Maggie Navatto - Vice-President
Daniel Puntillo
Maria Strada - President

Event Organizers:
Maggie Navatto

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Sponsored Events
2014-1764 Raritan Cycling Classic
2014-1747 Bound Brook Cycling Classic
2014-29 Tour of Somerville
2014-29 Tour of Somerville
2013-1858 Raritan Cycling Classic
2013-1689 Bound Brook Cycling Classic
2013-1686 Tour of Somerville
2013-1322 The Hills of Somerset County Road Race
2012-1575 Manville Cycling Madness
2012-1574 The Hills of Somerset County Road Race
2012-1572 Bound Brook Cycling Classic
2012-1571 Tour of Somerville
2011-894 Tour of Somerville
2011-893 Bound Brook Cycling Classic
2011-892 The Hills of Somerset County Road Race
2011-885 Saturday Crits
2011-884 Manville Cycling Madness
2010-1688 Saturday Crits
2010-1239 New Jersey Senior Olympics Games
2010-398 Manville Cycling Madness
2010-380 Bound Brook Cycling Classic
2010-367 Tour of Somerville
2010-359 The Hills of Somerset County Road Race
2009-1032 Tour of Somerville
2009-1031 Bound Brook Cycling Classic
2009-1030 Manville Cycling Madness
2008-863 Tour of Somerville
2008-862 Bound Brook Cycling Classic
2008-861 Manville Cycling Madness
2007-1114 Manville Cycling Madness
2007-1113 Bound Brook Cycling Classic
2007-1112 Tour of Somerville
2006-800 Manville Cycling Madness
2006-799 Bound Brook Cycling Classic
2006-798 Tour of Somerville
2005-877 Bound Brook Cyclling Classic
2005-876 Manville Cycling Madness
2005-51 Tour of Somerville