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Championship Cycling
365 West End Ave 11A
New York, NY 10024
(917) 699-4566
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Club ID: 8919
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
John Eustice

Event Organizers:
John Eustice

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Sponsored Events
2016-76 Thompson Criterium of Doylestown
2016-75 Reading 120
2015-3031 Reading 120
2015-57 Thompson Criterium of Doylestown
2014-3215 Cyclosportif 100K
2014-3215 Cyclosportif 100K
2014-2643 Thompson Criterium of Doylestown
2014-2124 Berkshire Cycling Classic-Gran Fondo
2014-2123 Berkshire Cycling Classic
2014-46 Thompson Bucks County Classic
2013-3024 Thompson Bucks County Classic
2013-2947 Doylestown Learn to Ride
2013-2631 Berkshire Cycling Classic-Gran Fondo
2013-1993 Putnam Cycling Classic
2013-1992 Ridge Hill Family Bike Day
2012-3772 Putnam Cycling Classic
2012-3700 Univest Criterium of Doylestown-Fun Ride
2012-3649 Univest Criterium of Doylestown
2012-3255 Thompson Bucks County Classic
2012-2459 Skyscraper Harlem Cycling Classic
2012-2207 Berkshire Cycling Classic
2011-3589 Storm King Cannibal
2011-3149 Univest Grand Prix-Cyclosportif Ride
2011-2939 Univest Criterium of Doylestown
2011-2938 Univest Grand Prix
2011-1755 Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic
2010-3086 Storm King Cannibal
2010-2963 Univest Grand Prix-Fun Ride
2010-2625 Univest Criterium of Doylestown
2010-2623 Univest Grand Prix
2010-1874 Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic
2009-1893 Univest Grand Prix Cyclosportif
2009-1892 Univest Criterium of Doylestown
2009-1891 Univest Grand Prix
2009-1702 2009 David Walker Memorial Skyscraper Harlem Cycli
2008-2364 Univest Grand Prix Cyclosportif
2008-2023 Univest Criterium of Doylestown
2008-2020 Univest Grand Prix
2008-1564 2008 Skyscraper Harlem Cycling Classic
2007-2152 Univest Grand Prix Cyclesportif 100K
2007-2150 Univest Grand Prix of Doylestown
2007-2149 Univest Grand Prix
2006-1798 Univest Grand Prix
2006-1796 Univest Grand Prix of Doylestown
2005-71 Univest Grand Prix
2005-47 Tour of Connecticut