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Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts (ICE)
Bob Walker
5633 W Moonlight
Pocatello, ID 83201
(208) 251-1637
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Club ID: 8569
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Tony Chesrow - Vice-President
Robert Walker - Treasurer

Event Organizers:
Bishara Bisharat
Bryan Gee
David Hachey

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Sponsored Events
2013-2524 Biggest Show in Idaho Circuit Race
2013-1314 'Tax Day' Circuit Race
2012-1560 'Tax Day' Circuit Race
2011-1186 Tax Day Circuit Race
2011-668 Pebble Creek Hill Climb
2010-2186 Summer Time Trial Series 2010
2010-491 Garden Creek Gap / Idaho Road Race Championship -
2010-490 Tax Day Circuit Race - Presented by Southeast Idah
2009-1478 Garden Creek Gap-King & Queen of the Road
2009-1219 Tax Day Grind Circuit Race
2008-2744 King and Queen of Cyclocross
2008-1590 Allan Butler Memorial Twilight Criterium
2008-1176 Holt Arena Training Criterium Series
2008-785 Gate City Grind Stage Race
2008-784 Garden Creek Gap RR
2008-783 Tax Day Circuit Race
2007-2700 Pocatello Cyclocross
2007-1430 Allan Butler Memorial Twilight Criterium
2007-1429 Gate City Grind Stage Race
2007-1135 Garden Creek Gap RR
2007-828 Tax Day Circuit Race
2006-572 Old Town Pocatello Criterium
2006-571 Garden Creek Gap Road Race
2006-570 Gate City Grind Stage Race
2006-569 Tax Day Circuit Race
2005-1513 Garden Creek Gap
2005-862 Gate City Grind Stage Race