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Club Information

Westwood Velo
182 Third Avenue
Westwood, NJ 07675
(201) 664-1688
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Club ID: 7861
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Mark Albert - President
Harold Chang - Asst. Treasurer
Gregg Cosgrove - Vice-President
Steven Goldman - Vice-President
Jonathan Moore - Treasurer
Anthony Sambrato - Race Director
Theo Spilka - Secretary

Event Organizers:
Eric Carlson
Anthony Sambrato

Club Teams:
Westwood Velo

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-2099 Silver Mine Individual Time Trial
2016-1797 Rockleigh Criterium Series
2015-3470 Westwood Velo Cross Race
2015-2257 Silver Mine Individual Time Trial
2014-2969 Westwood Velo Cross Race
2014-1999 Silver Mine Individual Time Trial
2013-3055 Long Meadow Individual Time Trial Part Deux
2013-2979 Westwood Velo Paolo Zenoni Memorial Cross Race
2013-2304 Long Meadow Individual Time Trial
2013-1975 Rockleigh Criterium Series
2012-3338 Westwood Velo Paolo Zenoni Memorial Cross Race
2012-2277 Rockleigh Criterium Series
2012-2204 Silvermine Individual Time Trial
2011-3243 Westwood Velo Cross
2011-1240 Rockleigh Criterium Series
2010-2614 Westwood Velo Cross
2010-1985 Long Meadow Time Trial
2009-2477 Westwood Velo Cross
2009-1367 Long Meadow Time Trial
2009-1102 Rockleigh Criterium Series
2008-2475 Westwood Velo Cross
2008-1433 Silvermine Time Trial
2008-489 Rockleigh Criterium Series
2007-2324 Westwood Velo Cross
2007-1336 Silvermine Time Trial
2007-752 Rockleigh Criterium Series
2006-2073 Westwood Velo Cross
2006-2002 Silvermine Time Trial
2006-1769 New Jersey Track Championships
2006-1677 Rockleigh Training Series-Competitive
2006-1513 Rockleigh Training Series
2006-783 Tewksbury Time Trial
2005-1911 NJ Track Championship
2005-1847 Silvermine TT