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Maine Cycling Club
PO Box 608
Auburn, ME 04212-0608
(207) 786-5623
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Club ID: 7632
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
John Grenier - Vice-President
Richard Marchessault - Race Director
Noel Smith - President

Event Organizers:
John Grenier

Club Teams:
Maine Cycling Club

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2014-2913 Downeast Cyclocross
2014-1874 Balloon Festival Crit
2012-3621 Downeast Cyclocross Day 2
2012-3318 Downeast Cyclocross Day 1
2012-1917 Maine Team Time Trial Festival
2012-1916 Dick Williamson Time Trial
2012-1915 Lake Auburn Road Race
2011-3238 Downeast Cyclocross Day 2
2011-3066 Downeast Cyclocross Day 1
2011-2644 Maine Team Time Trial Festival
2011-1930 Dick Williamson Time Trial
2011-1491 Lake Auburn Road Race
2010-3020 Downeast Cyclocross Day 2
2010-3019 Downeast Cyclocross Day 1
2010-1362 Great Falls Criterium
2010-1327 Lake Auburn Road Race
2009-2650 Downeast Cyclocross Day 2
2009-2649 Downeast Cyclocross Day 1
2009-2008 Dick Williamson Time Trial
2009-1307 Great Falls Criterium
2009-1306 Lake Auburn Road Race
2008-2328 Downeast Cyclocross
2008-865 Habitat for Humanity Circuit Race
2008-846 Lake Auburn Road Race
2007-2391 Downeast Cyclocross
2007-1191 Great Falls Criterium
2007-1190 Lake Auburn Road Race
2006-2238 Downeast Cyclocross Weekend
2006-2141 Maine State Time Trial Championship
2006-1009 Great Falls Criterium
2006-1008 Lake Auburn Road Race
2005-2013 Downeast Cyclocross Weekend/Wicked Maine Cyclocros
2005-1296 ME State Time Trial Championships
2005-352 2005 Maine Spring Race Weekend