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Montana State University
SUB Box 13
Bozeman, MT 59717
(406) 425-0609
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Club ID: 6758
Club Type: USAC
Collegiate Conf: NW
Collegiate Division: D2
Club Status: Active

Funding Status: C
Offer Scholarships: No

Club Contacts:
Michael Amos - 2016 President
Kyle Olson - 2016 Vice President

Event Organizers:
Michael Amos
Jacob Wahry

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Sponsored Events
2016-1207 Bobcat Classic Criterium Open
2016-951 Bobcat Classic
2015-1326 Bobcat Classic
2015-1153 Bobcat Classic Open
2014-3311 'Cat Cross
2014-674 Bobcat Classic
2013-1430 Bobcat Classic TTT/Criterium
2013-1407 Bobcat Classic Companion Ride
2013-1406 Bobcat Classic
2012-3751 MSU Cyclocross Weekend
2012-3565 Montana State MTB Race
2012-1310 Bobcat Classic Companion Ride
2012-1276 Bobcat Classic
2011-3260 MSU Cyclocross Weekend
2011-1504 Bobcat Classic Companion Ride
2011-1502 Bobcat Classic
2010-2687 Montana State MTB Race
2010-2684 MSU CX Weekend
2010-1037 Bobcat Classic Companion Ride
2010-916 Bobcat Classic
2009-2648 Montana State MTB Race
2009-2626 MSU CX Weekend
2009-1171 Bobcat Classic Companion Ride
2009-925 Bobcat Classic
2008-2621 Bozeman/Big Sky Cross Weekend
2008-830 Bobcat Classic
2007-2551 Bozeman/Big Sky Cyclocross Weekend
2007-592 Bobcat Classic
2006-2167 Big Sky-Bozeman Cyclocross Weekend
2005-2111 Bobcat Cyclocross Classic
2005-952 Bobcat Classic