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Hampshire Cycle Club
4600 N Wilson Drive.
Shorewood, WI 53211
(414) 961-1110
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Club ID: 606
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Michael Garber - President
Jonathan Lang - Race Director
Jerry Pearce

Event Organizers:
Kurt Farrell
Kurt Farrell
Jonathan Lang
Jerry Pearce

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Sponsored Events
2015-3023 Estabrook Park Beer Garden Cyclocross presented by Cyclohaus
2015-1286 HCC Muskego Park Race
2014-2994 Kringle Kross
2014-2993 Estabrook Park Beer Garden Cyclocross
2014-1510 HCC Muskego Park Race
2013-3897 Estabrook Park Cyclocross Classic
2013-3505 Kringle Kross
2013-1475 Matt Wittig Memorial
2012-3844 Kringle Kross
2012-3843 Estabrook Park Cyclocross
2012-3210 Kringle Kross
2012-3209 Estabrook Park Cyclocross
2012-1680 Matt Wittig Memorial
2011-3527 Wiscon State Cyclocross Championships
2011-3115 Estabrook Park Cyclocross
2011-1473 Matt Wittig Memorial Race
2010-2791 Wisconsin State Cyclocross Championships
2010-2609 Estabrook Park Cyclocross
2010-874 Matt Wittig Memorial Race
2009-2746 Wisconsin State Cyclocross Championships
2009-2322 Estabrook Park Cyclocross 2009
2009-541 Matt Wittig Memorial Race
2008-2768 Wisconsin State Cyclocross Championships presented
2008-2727 Estabrook Park Cyclocross 2008
2008-947 Matt Wittig Memorial Race
2007-2566 Estabrook Park Cyclocross 2007
2007-2547 State Cyclocross Championships by Hampshire Cycle
2007-452 Muskego Park Criterium
2006-2272 Milwaukee CycloCross
2006-336 HCC Muskego Park Criterium
2005-2243 Estabrook Park Cyclocross
2005-811 Hampshire Cycle Club Muskego Park Criterium