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Genesee Valley Cycling Club
2604 Elmwood Ave
PMB 191
Rochester, NY 14618
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Club ID: 57
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
brent blazey - Vice-President
Michael Deats - Race Director
Gregg Griffo - Secretary
Cory Kuhns - Member
Jeff Lubkowski - President
Shana Lydon - Treasurer
Michael Minerva - Web Master / B5 Dire
Todd Scheske - Development Director

Event Organizers:
Gregg Griffo
Shana Lydon
Scott Page
Todd Scheske

Club Teams:
Full Moon Vista Bike and Sport
Team Pedallers
Twin Line Velo / Ide Family of Deal
Pete's Wheels Cycling Team
GVCC G2 Development Team --( JR )--
Minerva Design Cycling Team
Reed Eye Cycling Team
Park Ave Bike Shop
Pittsford Painting/Trek/Towpath Bike --( M )--
Rochester Fitness & Cycling
Team Towpath powered by Rochester Solar
Legaci Cycling
The Bike Zone/Dansville Collision
Nalgene / Escadrille Cycling
Velo Racing Solutions p/b Verge Sport
Tryon Bike/Hoselton Auto Mall
WeeBikeShop Racing
CycleweRx of Rochester
Premium Mortgage Cycling Team
Fairport Brewing Company Cycling Team
EFPR Group Trek Cycling Team
Flour City Cycling

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-2643 Cobbs Hill Cyclocross
2016-2640 Parma Cyclocross
2016-2638 Webster Park Cyclocross
2016-2564 Grand Island Cyclocross
2016-2536 Golisano Gran Fondo
2016-2525 Rochester Cyclocross
2016-1523 Finger Lakes Circuit Race
2016-1523 Finger Lakes Circuit Race
2016-1464 Genesee Valley Park Criterium
2016-1464 Genesee Valley Park Criterium
2016-986 Legaci Upgrade Clinic
2016-986 Legaci Upgrade Clinic
2016-471 GVCC Spring Classic - Bloomfield
2016-69 Rochester Twilight Criterium
2015-3174 Cobbs Hill Cyclocross
2015-3172 Parma Cyclocross
2015-3170 Webster Park Cyclocross
2015-2529 Ellison Park Cyclocross - p/b Full Moon Vista
2015-2324 Cross In A Maze
2015-1223 The Bristol Mountain Road Race in Memory of Mike Coyle
2015-971 Legaci Upgrade Clinic
2015-775 EFP Rotenberg Methods Criterium at the Zoo
2015-608 GVCC Spring Classic - Bloomfield
2014-3451 Cobbs Hill Cyclocross
2014-2779 Full Moon Vista Cyclocross at Ellison Park
2014-2756 Webster Park Cyclocross
2014-2752 Parma Cyclocross
2014-2018 Junior Guided Ride
2014-1948 Jonathan Dechau Memorial Time Trial
2014-1044 GVCC Spring Classic - Bloomfield
2014-943 Legaci Upgrade Clinic
2014-943 Legaci Upgrade Clinic
2014-433 Cross In The Amazing Maize Maze
2013-3441 Full Moon Vista Cyclocross at Ellison Park
2013-3439 Cobbs Hill Cyclocross
2013-3437 Webster Park Cyclocross
2013-3206 Parma Cyclocross
2013-1989 Junior Guided Ride
2013-1982 Jonathan Dechau Memorial Time Trial
2013-1692 Legaci Upgrade Clinic
2013-783 Nalgene Bristol Mountain Road Race
2013-771 GVCC Spring Classic
2013-462 Giro Della Primavera
2012-3389 GVCC Wednesday Cross Training Series
2012-3251 Parma Cyclocross
2012-3250 Cobbs Hill Cyclocross
2012-2865 Ellison Park Cyclocross
2012-2300 Jonathan Dechau Memorial Time Trial
2012-2018 Nalgene Bristol Mountain Road Race
2012-1548 GVCC TT
2012-1547 GVCC Thursday Training Series
2012-1546 GVCC Tuesday Training Series
2012-1545 GVCC Spring Classic
2012-578 Giro Della Primavera
2011-3487 Parma Cyclocross
2011-3486 Cobbs Hill Cyclocross
2011-3083 Ellison Park Cyclocross
2011-2415 Legaci Cycling Junior Camp
2011-1992 Jonathan Dechau Memorial Time Trial
2011-1238 Full Moon Vista Cycling Grand Prix
2011-872 GVCC Spring Classic
2011-584 GVCC TT
2011-337 GVCC G2 Wednesday Training Series
2011-336 GVCC Thursday Training Series
2011-335 GVCC Tuesday Training Series
2011-334 Giro Della Primavera
2010-3141 Park Ave Bike's Halloween Cyclocross Race
2010-2831 Ellison Park Cyclocross - Professional
2010-2490 Parma Cyclocross
2010-2489 Cobbs Hill Cyclocross
2010-2488 Ellison Park Cyclocross
2010-1808 Jonathan Dechau Memorial Time Trial
2010-818 GVCC Spring Classic
2010-695 GVCC Dryer Road Mountain Bike Race
2010-692 Full Moon Vista Cycling Grand Prix
2010-420 GVCC TT
2010-419 GVCC Tuesday Training Series
2010-418 GVCC Thursday
2010-368 8th Annual Chris Hinds Memorial Criterium
2010-352 Giro Della Primavera
2009-2414 Full Moon Vista Cyclocross Series
2009-2235 GVCC Tuesday Training Series
2009-1529 Jonathan Dechau Memorial Time Trial
2009-1445 Empire Championships
2009-958 7th Annual Chris Hinds Memorial Criterium
2009-767 GVCC Spring Classic
2009-301 Giro Della Primavera
2009-171 GVCC TT
2009-170 GVCC Tuesday Training Series
2009-169 GVCC Thursday
2008-2428 Ellison Park Cyclocross
2008-2427 Rochester Cobb's Hill Cyclocross
2008-1870 Rochester Omnium
2008-1485 Jonathan Dechau Memorial Time Trial
2008-1218 Adore Your City
2008-706 GVCC Spring Classic
2008-567 GVCC TT
2008-566 GVCC Tuesday Training Series
2008-565 GVCC Thursday
2008-416 6th Annual Chris Hinds Memorial Criterium
2008-283 Giro Della Primavera
2007-2274 Rochester Cobb's Hill Cyclocross
2007-1869 Jonathan Dechau Memorial Time Trial
2007-1364 Saturn Rochester Twilight Criterium
2007-296 GVCC Spring Classic
2007-189 GVCC Tuesday Training Series
2007-188 GVCC Thursday
2007-153 Giro Della Primavera
2006-1649 2006 Empire State Games Cycling Events
2006-1236 Saturn Rochester Twilight Criterium
2006-508 Perinton Spring Classic
2006-168 GVCC Tuesday Training Series
2006-167 GVCC Thursday Training Series
2006-166 Giro Della Primavera
2005-2318 Towners Cyclocross Grand Prix
2005-1381 Saturn Rochester Twilight Criterium
2005-758 Perinton Classic
2005-477 GVCC Time Trial Training Series
2005-476 GVCC Training Series
2005-201 Giro Della Primavera