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Buffalo Bicycling Club Inc.
75 Greenwich Dr. #4
Buffalo, NY 14228
(716) 783-0273
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Club ID: 56
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
James Hallett
Robert Johnson - President
Tom Robinson - Secretary
Timothy Williams - Vice-President
Duane Wisniewski - Board of Directors

Event Organizers:
John Crumlish
Alex Davies
Frank Grillo
James Hallett
Robert Johnson
Mark Lawrence
Frank Mesi
Thomas Robinson
John Roden
Jonathan Rosen

Club Teams:
Tom's Pro Bike
Buffalo Cycling Team
Southtowns Wine & Liquor
Buffalo Velo
French Meadow Bakery/Fortistar
Zippy Racing
Independent Health Cycling
Nickel City Cycles
Emblem Racing/RealtyUSA
TBS Racing
Finish Strong
Team Hive | Shickluna Bikes
Campus WheelWorks
WNY Cyclocross Club

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-484 Knox Farm Cross Practice
2016-125 The Park School CX
2015-3257 The Park School CX
2015-3253 Cross in the Park 2015
2015-2687 Knox Farm Cyclocross
2015-2687 Knox Farm Cyclocross
2015-2186 'cross BSC 2015
2015-1911 West Falls Cyclocross
2015-1729 Hamburg Race Weekend
2015-1474 Larkinville Challenge
2015-1470 Larkinville Challenge
2014-3473 The Park School CX
2014-2853 Knox Farm Cyclocross
2014-1694 'cross BSC
2014-1603 Sprague Brook Cyclocross
2014-1125 Hamburg Race Weekend
2014-1124 Hamburg Race Weekend
2014-1093 Larkinville Challenge
2013-3172 Buffalo Ski Club Cyclocross Practice
2013-3163 KNOX FARM Cyclocross Race
2013-2399 Buffalo Ski Club Cyclocross
2013-2385 Youth Bike Series- West Falls Park
2013-2384 Youth Bike Series- Knox Farm
2013-1813 Raccoon Rally Road Race
2013-1680 Sprague Brook Cyclocross
2013-1483 Larkinville Challenge
2012-3956 Blackout at Beaver Island Cyclocross Race
2012-3778 Kissing Bridge Cyclocross
2012-2770 Buffalo Ski Club Cyclocross Practice
2012-2517 Buffalo Road Training Series
2012-1950 Hamburg Road Race
2012-1863 Sprague Brook Cyclocross
2012-1861 Youth Bike Series-Chestnut Ridge
2012-1837 Buffalo Cobblestone Criterium Twilight Series
2012-798 Buffalo Road Training Series
2012-160 Buffalo Road Training Series
2011-2543 Tour of the Great Niagara
2011-2470 East Aurora Road Race
2011-1586 Hamburg Criterium
2011-1585 Hamburg Road Race
2011-1098 Buffalo Cobblestone Criterium Twilight Series
2011-864 Kissing Bridge Cyclocross
2011-347 Buffalo Road Training Series
2010-2835 Springville Road Race
2010-2736 Kissing Bridge Cyclocross
2010-2554 Emery Park Cyclocross Practice
2010-2419 East Aurora Road Race
2010-2106 Empire State Games Cycling 2010
2010-1945 Wednesday Buffalo Cobblestone Criterium Twilight S
2010-1831 ESG Western Qualifiers
2010-1810 Hamburg Road Race
2010-1809 Hamburg Criterium
2010-1485 Buffalo Criterium Twilight Series
2010-1234 Buffalo Cobblestone Criterium Twilight Series
2010-1115 Buffalo Road Training Series
2010-1114 Buffalo Road Training Series
2010-1113 Buffalo Road Training Series
2010-974 Buffalo Road Training Series
2010-357 Sprague Brook Cyclocross
2010-71 Handlebars Spring Mountain Bike Classic
2009-2792 Emery Park Cyclocross Practice
2009-2564 Kissing Bridge Cyclocross
2009-1624 BBC Criterium Training Series
2009-1570 Hamburg Time Trial
2009-1563 Hamburg Criterium
2009-1226 BBC Track Training Series
2009-760 Buffalo Road Training Series
2009-759 Buffalo Road Training Series
2009-581 Sprague Brook Cyclocross
2009-242 Buffalo Giro Training Series - I
2008-1900 ECC Crit Series
2008-1726 NY State Road Race Championships - Signal 30 Road
2008-1174 BBC Track Training Series
2008-1126 Baer and Associates Cyclocross
2008-433 Buffalo Road Training Series
2008-432 Buffalo Giro Training Series - II
2008-431 Buffalo Giro Training Series - I
2008-418 Buffalo Road Training Series
2007-1518 Ascension Church Criterium
2007-1443 ESG Western Qualifier
2007-659 BBC Training Race Series
2006-1768 Ascension Church Criterium
2006-1345 Toyfest Training Ride
2006-1344 BBC Hill Training Series
2006-1343 BBC TT Training Series
2006-991 BBC Road Training Series
2005-2128 Sprague Brook Park CS
2005-1717 Ascension Church Criterium
2005-1281 Empire State Games-Western Region Trials