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Marymoor Velodrome Assoc.
2331 Eastlake Ave East
Seattle, WA 98102-6538
(206) 300-9444
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Club ID: 535
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Expired 2015

Club Contacts:
Amara Edwards
Kristian Miller - President
Annette Williams - Vice-President

Event Organizers:
Jerry Baker
Amara Edwards
David Mann

Club Teams:
Club Zoom --( JR )--

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2014-12 2014 USA Cycling Masters Track Nationals
2013-3536 Share to Honor Jerr
2013-3118 Master Natz Moto Pacing
2013-2073 Marymoor Grand Prix
2013-2067 Masters & Juniors Track Championships
2013-1718 Adult intro Track Class
2013-1717 Monday Night Track
2013-1716 Wednesdays at Marymoor
2013-1715 Friday Night Racing at Marymoor Velodrome
2013-1714 Thursday Night Track
2013-1646 Marymoor Pre Season Racing
2012-2702 Masters & Team State Track Championships
2012-2454 WA High School Mountain Bike State Championships
2012-1871 Wednesdays at Marymoor
2011-1932 Monday Night Track
2011-1757 Wednesdays at Marymoor
2010-2796 Omnium State Championships rescheduled
2010-2405 2010 Elite National Qualifier
2010-2035 FSA Grand Prix
2010-1315 Wednesdays at Marymoor
2010-1315 Wednesdays at Marymoor
2010-1314 Friday Night Racing at Marymoor Velodrome
2010-816 Monday Night Track
2010-815 Marymoor Pre Season Racing
2010-813 Thursday Night Track
2009-1683 Marymoor Pre Season Racing
2009-1433 Monday Night Track
2009-1431 Wednesdays at Marymoor
2009-1089 Thursday Night Track
2008-2201 Seattle Cyclocross Series
2008-1722 FSA Grand Prix
2008-1127 Friday Night Racing at Group Health Velodrome
2008-1125 Wednesdays at Marymoor
2008-920 Marymoor Pre Season Racing
2007-2194 Seattle Cyclocross Series
2007-1471 Friday Night Racing at Group Health Velodrome
2007-1133 Marymoor Pre Season Racing
2007-1132 Wednesdays at Marymoor
2007-1043 Monday Night Track
2006-1970 Seattle Cyclocross Series
2006-1199 2006 Group Health Friday Night Track Racing
2006-1023 Wednesdays at Marymoor
2006-1022 Monday Racing & Marymoor
2006-722 Marymoor Pre Season Racing
2005-2273 Fort Flagler State Cyclocross Championship
2005-1956 Emerald City Cyclocross Series
2005-1507 2005 Group Health Velodrome Championship
2005-975 Friday Racing at Group Health Velodrome
2005-974 Wednesday Racing at Group Health Velodrome
2005-973 Monday Racing at Marymoor