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Fayetteville Wheelmen
Fayetteville, AR 72701
(479) 521-7766
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Club ID: 3002
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Jason Beebe - Webmaster
Bob Cable - Vice-President
Bruce Dunn - President
Paul Komarek - Treasurer

Event Organizers:
Bob Cable
Vincent Cucco
Bruce Dunn

Club Teams:
Experience Fayetteville Cycling Team

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-804 The Eurekan Tour Rides
2016-802 The Eurekan Road Race
2016-801 Joe Martin Gran Fondo
2016-798 NWA Spring Classic Road Race
2016-797 Iron Pig Time Trial
2016-796 Joe Martin Stage Race - Amateur
2016-45 Joe Martin Stage Race - NRC
2015-1015 Joe Martin Gran Fondo
2015-1014 The Eurekan Tour Rides
2015-1013 The Eurekan Road Race
2015-1012 Iron Pig Time Trial
2015-1002 Joe Martin Stage Race - Amateur
2015-767 NWA Spring Classic Road Race
2015-27 Joe Martin Stage Race - NRC
2014-562 The Eurekan Tour Rides
2014-560 The Eurekan Road Race
2014-557 Joe Martin Stage Race - Amateur
2014-555 NWA Spring Classic Road Race
2014-463 Iron Pig Time Trial
2014-24 Joe Martin Stage Race - NRC
2013-472 Joe Martin Stage Race - NRC
2013-471 The Eurekan Road Race
2013-470 The Eurekan Tour Rides
2013-469 Iron Pig Time Trial
2013-468 NWA Spring Classic Road Race
2012-363 NWA Spring Classic Road Race
2012-256 Joe Martin Stage Race
2012-255 Iron Pig Time Trial
2012-254 The Eurekan Tour Rides
2012-252 The Eurekan Road Race
2011-1328 The Eurekan Tour Rides
2011-1327 The Eurekan Road Race
2011-338 Cyclocross at Lake Fayetteville
2011-227 Criterium @ Har-Ber Meadows
2011-220 Joe Martin Stage Race
2011-219 Iron Pig Time Trial
2011-218 NWA Spring Classic
2010-977 Cyclocross at Lake Fayetteville
2010-862 Iron Pig Time Trial
2010-444 Summer Crits
2010-77 Har-Ber Meadows Criterium
2010-73 NWA Spring Classic
2010-72 Joe Martin Stage Race
2009-2823 Cyclocross at Lake Fayetteville
2009-2054 Har-Ber Meadows Criterium
2009-1113 Joe Martin Stage Race
2009-665 Tyson Summer Crit Series
2009-470 NWA Spring Classic
2008-1903 Har-Ber Meadows Criterium
2008-1325 Joe Martin Stage Race
2008-62 NWA Spring Classic
2007-1961 Har-Ber Meadows Criterium
2007-552 Joe Martin Stage Race
2007-201 NWA Spring Classic
2006-1842 Har-Ber Meadows Criterium
2006-865 Joe Martin Stage Race
2005-1474 Har-Ber Meadows Criterium
2005-894 Joe Martin Stage Race