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Free State Racing
Julie Higgins
PO Box 1029
Lawrence, KS 66044
(816) 872-2094
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Club ID: 173
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Julie Higgins - President
Jennifer Schwartz - Treasurer
Emily Wamsley - Co-Director

Event Organizers:
Julie Higgins
Michelle Jensen
Eric Struckhoff

Club Teams:
Free State Racing
FSR Development Team
Women's Free State Racing --( W )--

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2015-3370 Octoginta Time Trial
2015-3139 Joules Cross 2015
2015-2805 Joules' Cyclocross Practice on Thursdays
2014-3293 Joules Cross 2014- Kansas State Championship
2014-3122 Octoginta Time Trial
2014-3121 Joules' Cyclocross Practice on Thursdays
2014-3087 Joules Cross 2014
2013-3081 Octoginta Time Trial
2013-3080 Joules' Cyclocross Practice on Thursdays
2013-2649 Joules Cross
2012-2810 Joules' Cyclocross Practice on Thursdays
2012-2653 Octoginta Time Trial
2012-1732 Joules Cross
2011-2971 Joules' Cyclocross Clinics
2011-2662 Sunflower State Games Cross Country
2011-1716 Tour of Lawrence
2011-1497 Octoginta Time Trial
2011-1496 Joules Cross
2010-3191 Octoginta Time Trial
2010-2638 Joules Cross
2010-2247 Sunflower State Games Cross Country
2010-504 River Trail Mountain Bike Challenge
2010-384 Tour of Lawrence
2009-2860 Sunflower Cyclocross
2009-2063 Octoginta Time Trial
2009-1592 Sunflower State Games Cross Country
2009-1317 Tour of Lawrence
2008-2372 Octoginta Time Trial
2007-2482 Sunflower Cyclocross
2007-2481 Octoginta Time Trial
2007-517 Kansas Junior and Masters Time Trial Championship
2005-2124 Octoginta Time Trial