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6 Resch Lane
Lancaster, PA 17602-1384
(717) 468-8080
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Club ID: 1667
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Expired 2015

Club Contacts:
David Butterworth - President

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Sponsored Events
2007-2168 Stony Run Cyclocross Race (TM)
2007-2146 Wonderland Cyclocross Race (TM)
2007-1069 Deodate Road Race (TM)
2007-1066 Millport Road Race (TM)
2007-1064 Brownstown Road Race (TM)
2007-183 Pieffer Hill Road Race (TM)
2007-182 Mount Penn Road Race (TM)
2007-181 Union Grove Road Race (TM)
2007-103 Mount Joy Road Race (TM)
2007-102 Kirkwood Road Race (TM)
2007-101 Strasburg Road Race (TM)
2006-2195 Wonderland Cyclocross Race (TM)
2006-1766 Tour De Christiana
2006-1765 Grandview Heights Criterium
2006-1764 Tour of Mt Nebo
2006-1017 Mount Penn Road Race (TM)
2006-1011 Deodate Road Race (TM)
2006-1010 Rapho Road Race (TM)
2006-669 Tour de Ephrata
2006-668 Mount Joy Road Race
2006-483 Brownstone Road Race
2006-477 Pieffer Hill Road Race
2006-476 Millport Road Race
2006-475 Union Grove Road Race
2006-474 Cadence Time Trial Series
2006-303 Kirkwood Road Race (TM)
2006-302 Strasburg Road Race (TM)
2005-1344 Mount Penn Road Race(TM)