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Club Information

South Chicago Wheelmen
Steve Feehery
17960 Highland Ave
Homewood, IL 60430
(708) 906-6329
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Club ID: 166
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Stephen Feehery - President
Michael Kelly - Vice-President
Daniel Solomon - membership

Event Organizers:
Stephen Feehery

Club Teams:
South Chicago Wheelmen Elite
South Chicago Wheelmen

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-1178 Cobb Park Criterium
2015-3014 Indian Lakes Resort CX Race
2015-905 Cobb Park Cirterium Illinois State Criterium Championship
2014-3109 Indian Lakes Resort CX Race
2014-1297 Cobb Park Criterium
2014-1207 Tuesday Nights at the Autobahn
2013-3549 Indian Lakes Resort CX Race
2013-2972 Crete Monee Tuesday Nights
2013-2343 Homewood Downtown Classic
2013-1520 Tuesday Nights at the Autobahn
2013-1518 Cobb Park Criterium
2012-3455 Hilton Indian Lakes Resort
2012-2442 Tuesdday Night at the Autobahn
2012-1232 Cobb Park Criterium
2012-726 SCW Tuesday Nights
2011-2950 Indian Lakes Resort Cyclocross Race
2011-1510 Cobb Park Criterium
2011-551 SCW Tuesday Nights
2011-287 Spring onto the Autobahn
2010-2228 Indian Lakes Cross Race
2010-1564 Cobb Park Criterium
2010-790 SCW Tuesday Night Series
2010-500 Cougar
2009-2225 Indian Lakes Resort Cyclocross
2009-1372 Cobb Park Criterium
2009-603 SCW Tuesday Nights
2008-2718 Lan-Oak Cyclocross Race
2008-1341 Cobb Park Criterium
2008-673 SCW Tuesday Night Series
2007-2404 South Chicago Wheelmen Cross
2007-1482 Cobb Park Criterium
2007-857 SCW Tuesday Night Training Series
2006-1100 Cobb Park Criterium
2006-595 Tuesday Night Training Series
2005-1092 Park Forest Criterium
2005-429 SCW Training Series