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The Spinistry
Kevin Lee
3524 Cattlebaron Dr
Roanoke, TX 76262
(817) 715-0533
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Club ID: 14189
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Expired 2015

Event Organizers:
Kevin Lee

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Sponsored Events
2016-334 Red River Riot
2016-334 Red River Riot
2016-294 Texas Chainring Massacre
2016-241 Sansom 66
2015-3615 Holiday Ramble
2015-3614 NonStop Northshore
2015-3614 NonStop Northshore
2015-3015 Double Trouble
2015-2581 Midnight Massacre
2015-2581 Midnight Massacre
2015-2082 Team PACC Hell of the North Texas
2015-2082 Team PACC Hell of the North Texas
2015-1553 Farmersville Filthy Fondo
2015-1553 Farmersville Filthy Fondo
2015-1075 Red River Riot
2015-449 Gravelthon!
2015-343 Ride Across Texas
2014-2944 Lone Star XC Training Series Big Cedar
2014-2554 Lone Star XC Training Series Rowlett Creek Preserve
2014-2259 Lone Star XC Training Series LB Houston
2014-1971 Hell of the North Texas
2014-1970 Midnight Massacre
2014-1196 Ride the NETT Spring Edition
2014-792 Ride Across Texas
2014-744 Funky Town MonsterX
2014-373 Texas Chainring Massacre Fun Ride
2014-276 Red River Riot
2014-274 Sansom 66ish
2014-273 Lone Star XC Training Series Erwin Park Race
2014-272 Lone Star XC Training Series Sansom Race
2014-193 Lone Star XC Training Series Northshore Race
2014-154 Texas Chainring Massacre
2014-154 Texas Chainring Massacre
2013-3850 Texas Double Cross Training Series
2013-3830 Ride the NETT
2013-3282 MonsterCross for Meals
2013-2512 Midnight Massacre
2013-691 Red River Riot
2013-277 Texas Chainring Massacre
2013-134 MonsterCross Mayhem - The Levee Breaks
2012-3867 Century at Sansom
2012-3849 Holiday Ramble II
2012-3410 Full Moon Fever
2012-2688 Midnight Massacre
2012-1200 Red River Riot
2012-479 Bonzai Run on Stony Road
2012-358 Texas Chainring Massacre
2012-44 MonsterCross Monday
2011-3795 The Rocket Race @ Sansom Park