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Team Air Assurance/Tulsa Connect
5235 South Delaware Place
Tulsa, OK 74105
(918) 408-6733
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Club ID: 12641
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Jarrod Cavner - Vice President
Tanner Culbreath - Contact
Mike Guillen - President

Event Organizers:
Tanner Culbreath
Mike Guillen

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Sponsored Events
2016-2249 The Veterans Challenge
2016-676 Native Lands Classic
2015-3181 Native Lands Tour
2015-3181 Native Lands Tour
2015-2828 Tuesday Night Cyclocross Practice
2015-2549 Ruts and Guts
2014-3372 Ruts and Guts
2013-3070 Ruts and Guts
2013-2496 TNCX Practice
2012-3497 Ruts and Guts
2012-2991 Tuesday Night Cyclocross Practice
2011-3852 Oklahoma Cyclocross State Championship
2011-3531 Ruts and Guts
2011-3530 Ruts and Guts
2011-3198 Ruts and Guts
2011-3118 Fall Cyclocross Practice Series
2010-2573 Fall Cyclocross Practice Series
2010-2268 Ruts and Guts
2009-2629 Fall Cyclocross Practice Series