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AntiGravity Cycling
PO Box 231
Rimforest, CA 92378
(909) 273-3422
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Club ID: 12627
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Steven Barnes - President
chris barnes - Vice President
Rachel Smiley - Secretary

Event Organizers:
chris barnes
Steven Barnes

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Sponsored Events
2016-1852 Sherman Pass Road Race
2016-1849 Death Valley Road Omnium
2016-580 Nine Mile Canyon Omnium
2016-578 Tuttle Creek Road Race
2015-3203 Everest Challenge
2015-2886 Mt Whitney Stage Race
2015-1018 Death Valley Road Omnium
2015-1016 Sherman Pass Road Race
2015-678 Nine Mile Canyon Omnium
2015-677 Tuttle Creek Road Race
2014-2728 Cajon Pass Circuit Race
2014-2725 Death Valley Road Omnium
2014-585 Mt Whitney Stage Race
2014-584 Sherman Pass Road Race
2014-583 Everest Challenge Fun Ride
2014-582 Everest Challenge Stage Race
2014-581 Death Valley Road Stage Race
2014-579 Tuttle Creek Road Race
2014-578 Nine Mile Canyon Omnium
2013-1373 Wild & Dirty MTB Races
2013-265 Tuttle Creek Road Race
2013-129 Bite Hard Boonville Fondo
2013-128 Everest Challenge Fun Ride
2013-127 Everest Challenge Stage Race
2013-126 Death Valley Road Stage Race-FALL
2013-124 Death Valley Road Stage Race
2013-123 Mt Whitney Stage Race
2013-121 Sherman Pass Road Race
2013-120 Nine Mile Canyon Omnium
2013-117 Bite Hard Boonville Road Race
2012-2675 Sherman Pass Road Race
2012-1913 Nine Mile Omnium
2012-981 Bite Hard Boonville Road Race
2012-978 Everest Challenge Stage Race Fun Ride
2012-894 Everest Challenge Stage Race
2012-893 Mt Whitney Stage Race
2012-884 Death Valley Road Stage Race
2011-2651 Death Valley Road Stage Race - Fall
2011-116 Mt Whitney Stage Race
2011-115 Everest Challenge Stage Race Fun Ride
2011-114 Death Valley Road Stage Race
2011-113 Everest Challenge Stage Race
2010-257 Mt Whitney Stage Race
2010-255 Everest Challenge Stage Race Fun Ride
2010-253 Death Valley Road Stage Race-Fall
2010-250 Everest Challenge Stage Race
2010-219 Death Valley Road Stage Race-Spring
2009-2426 Death Valley Road Stage Race
2009-2425 Everest Challenge Stage Race-Fun Ride
2009-2259 Everest Challenge Stage Race