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Holland Racing
Andrew Willis
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 779-7356
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RDO ID: 11956
RDO Status: Active

RDO Contacts:
Kelley Ables
Holly Ammerman - Vice-President
Jared Johnson
Raymond Porter - Treasurer
Andrew Willis - President

Event Organizers:
Kelley Ables
Holly Ammerman
Raymond Porter
Andrew Willis

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Sponsored Events
2016-1383 PURE Austin Driveway Series
2015-1559 Super Squadra Driveway Clinic Series
2015-288 PURE Driveway Series
2014-1004 PURE Driveway Series
2014-861 Driveway Spring Ride
2014-860 Driveway Spring Clinic
2014-827 Driveway Spring Classic Race
2013-2929 The Ride: Tech Challenge
2013-2873 Tour of Austin
2013-2872 Ride Americas
2013-1159 PURE Driveway Series Two
2013-1158 PURE Driveway Series One
2013-773 Gran Fondo
2013-772 Kenny Hill Autowerks Spring Classic
2012-3038 PURE Austin Gear Grinder Gran Fondo
2012-2800 Tynan Law Firm Tour of Austin
2012-1820 Subaru of Georgetown Grand Tour
2012-1819 Miller 64 Twilight
2012-1818 Subaru of Georgetown Grand
2012-1195 Hammerfest Stage Race
2012-642 PURE Austin Driveway Series # 2
2012-641 PURE Austin Driveway Series # 1
2012-639 Spring Classic at Driveway Austin
2012-220 Alsatian Country IV
2011-3095 Ride the Driveway Fun Ride
2011-2834 2011 Tour of Austin
2011-1976 Driveway Academy with Super Squadra
2011-1568 Belterra Hill Country Classic
2011-871 PURE Austin Fitness Driveway Series
2011-853 PURE Austin Fitness Driveway Series
2011-99 Alsatian Country III
2011-88 MEGATRON
2010-3198 Waylon Cross
2010-3109 The Texas Framebuilders Classic
2010-3108 Alchemy Bikes Crit n Cross
2010-3107 PURE Austin Fitness October Driveway Series
2010-2324 Saturday Night Fever
2010-869 PURE Austin Fitness Driveway Series
2010-142 Spring Classic at Driveway Austin
2010-141 The Belterra Romantico Classico
2009-2947 The Incredible Bulk
2009-2831 Driveway Austin Thursday Night Races
2009-2413 The Manda Shootout Road Race
2009-2410 The Austinbikes Pickle Criterium
2009-2252 eRacing Stigma Criterium
2009-1779 2009 Texas State Time Trial Championships
2009-764 Belterra Hill Country Circuit Race
2009-748 Ronde Von Manda
2009-617 Thursday Night Fun Ride Series
2009-547 Driveway Austin Thursday Night Races
2009-93 Alsatian Country Omnium
2008-2606 The Worst Cross Memorial
2008-1656 eRacing Stigma Criterium
2008-201 Heart of Alsatian Country Bicycle Races