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1106 Cherokee Road
Loiusville, KY 40204
(484) 995-0547
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Club ID: 11806
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Expired 2015

Club Contacts:
Joan Hanscom

Event Organizers:
Joan Hanscom

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Sponsored Events
2012-3126 USGP Cyclocross-Deschutes Brewery Cup
2012-3110 USGP Cyclocross-Derby City Cup
2012-3082 USGP Cyclocross - SmartWool Cup p/b FC Bikes
2012-3072 USGP Cyclocross-Planet Bike Cup
2012-12 2012 UCI Masters Cyclocross World Championship
2010-2576 USGP Cyclocross-Portland Cup
2010-2575 USGP Cyclocross-Derby City Cup
2010-2574 USGP Cyclocross-Fort Collins Cup
2010-2498 USGP Cyclocross-Planet Bike Cup
2009-2897 USGP Cyclocross-Portland Cup
2009-2885 USGP Cyclocross-Mercer Cup
2009-2874 USGP Cyclocross-Derby City Cup Clinic
2009-2788 USGP Cyclocross-Derby City Cup
2009-2664 USGP Cyclocross-Planet Bike Cup
2008-2615 USGP Cyclocross-Portland Cup
2008-2614 USGP Cyclocross-Mercer Cup
2008-2613 USGP Cyclocross-Derby City Cup
2007-2472 USGP-Toyota Cup
2007-2471 USGP-Mercer Cup
2007-2470 USGP-Derby Cup