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Nerac Earth
773 Wrights Mill Road
Coventry, CT 06238
(860) 742-9170
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Club ID: 11284
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Jill Nugent - Former Vice Presiden
steven ridzon - Vice-President
John Sattar - President

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Sponsored Events
2016-2002 The Seven Lakes Ride
2015-2989 Ashford Metric Century+
2015-2036 The Seven Lakes Ride
2014-2968 Ashford Metric Century+
2014-1986 The Seven Lakes Ride
2013-3629 Ashford Metric Century+
2013-1543 The Seven Lakes Ride
2012-3122 Ashford Metric Century+
2011-3320 Ashford Metric Century+
2010-2968 Ashford Metric Century +
2010-2162 Norcross Scurry MTB Race
2009-2499 Ashford Metric Century +
2009-2373 Norcross Scurry MTB Race
2008-2505 Ashford Metric Century
2008-1356 Channel 3 MTB Race-Cross Country
2008-1355 Channel 3 MTB Race-Short Track
2007-1600 Channel 3 Kids Camp Race-Cross Country
2007-1599 Channel 3 Kids Camp Race-Short Track
2006-1659 Nutmeg State Nor'Easter