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ZiaVelo Cycling
David Rutledge
108 Capri Rd
Las Cruces, NM 88005
(575) 541-8271
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Club ID: 10817
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Thomas Cunico - Team Director
David Halliburton - Race Director
David Rutledge - Team Director

Event Organizers:
Thomas Cunico
David Rutledge

Club Teams:
ZiaVelo Cycling

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-2565 Horny Toad Hustle
2016-458 The TriFecta Series
2015-3547 Cruces 'Cross
2015-3273 Tour of Las Cruces
2015-814 The TriFecta Omnium
2014-3232 Las Cruces NovemberFEST Criterium
2014-656 The TriFecta Omnium
2013-3699 Tour of Las Cruces
2013-641 The TriFecta Omnium
2012-3636 Tour of Las Cruces
2012-395 The TriFecta Omnium
2011-3693 TRES CROSSES - Cross
2011-2398 Horny Toad Hustle
2011-203 Las Cruces TT/Crit & Hillsboro Classic (Omnium)
2010-2902 12 Hours of Old El Paso
2010-2400 Horny Toad Hustle
2010-732 Coyote Classic
2010-45 Hillsboro Classic (Omnium)
2009-2160 12 Hours of Old El Paso
2009-2141 Horny Toad Hustle
2009-454 Coyote Classic
2009-311 Hillsboro Classic (Omnium)
2008-2646 Vuelta de Los Muertos
2008-2235 Horny Toad Hustle
2008-735 Coyote Classic
2008-684 Tour del Paso
2008-256 Hillsboro Classic (Omnium)
2008-248 El Paso Puzzler
2007-1060 High Altitude Classic
2007-1059 High Altitude Classic
2006-2286 XXX Psycho Cross Training Rides
2006-1180 Horney Toad Hustle
2006-946 High Altitude Classic
2005-1731 Horny Toad Hustle
2005-905 High Altitude Classic