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Club Information

Team Emu
3121 Bel Aire
Des Moines, IA 50310
(515) 418-7294
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Club ID: 10708
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Paul Jensen - Vice-President
Rachelle Little - Secretary
Sheri Robinson - Treasurer
Steven Robinson - President

Event Organizers:
Steve Clark
Justin Guiter
Paul Jensen
Rachelle Little
Steven Robinson
Sheri Robinson
Scott Robinson

Club Teams:
Zealous Racing

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-2466 Spooky Cross
2016-2464 State CX Championships
2016-1585 Water Works Park Circuit Race
2016-663 Elkhart Time Trial Series
2015-3107 Spooky Cross
2015-3106 Iowa State Cyclocross Championships
2015-1827 Water Works Park Circuit Race
2015-1765 Elkhart Time Trial Series
2014-2682 Iowa State Cyclocross Championships
2014-2680 Spooky Cross
2014-1237 Elkhart Time Trial Series
2014-1110 Des Moines Race Weekend
2013-3880 Iowa State Cyclocross Championships
2013-3879 Spooky Cross
2013-2233 Water Works Park Circuit Race
2013-1822 Elkhart Time Trial Series
2012-4036 Iowa CX Championship Recovery Race
2012-3725 Spooky Cross
2012-3499 Iowa State Cyclocross Championships
2012-2044 Breeder's Hill Criterium
2012-2042 Water Works Park Circuit Race
2012-1252 Elkhart Time Trial Series
2011-3825 Iowa State Cyclocross Championships
2011-3496 Altoona Cyclocross
2011-1658 Zealous Classic RR
2011-1657 State Fairgrounds Criterium
2011-1178 Elkhart Time Trial Series
2010-3165 Iowa State Cyclocross Championships
2010-3012 Altoona Cyclocross Race
2010-1318 State Fairgrounds Criterium
2010-481 Elkhart Time Trial Series
2009-2798 Iowa State Cyclocross Championships
2009-2778 Altoona Cyclocross Weekend
2009-688 Elkhart Time Trial Series
2009-360 Dirty RR Series
2008-2697 Iowa State Cyclocross Championships
2008-682 Elkhart Time Trial Series
2008-577 Big Creek RR
2008-434 Altoona Spring Road Race
2007-2289 Iowa State Cyclocross
2007-2288 Cross Out Crones Cyclocross Weekend
2007-1173 Big Creek RR
2007-886 Waterworks Park Omnium Race Series
2007-683 IA State Fairgrounds Criterium
2007-682 Altoona Spring Road Race
2007-498 Elkhart Time Trial Series
2007-479 Spring Road Race Series
2006-2291 Iowa State Cyclocross Championships
2006-2142 Des Moines Cyclocross Mafia Fall Series 2006
2006-1157 Waterworks Park Omnium Race Series
2006-417 Elkhart TIme Trial Series
2006-411 Water Works Park Circuit
2006-410 Altoona Spring RR
2005-2000 CX Mafia #4
2005-1999 CX Mafia #3 (State Championship)
2005-1998 CX Mafia #2
2005-1997 CX Mafia #1
2005-585 Doghouse Bikes' Elkhart Time Trial Series
2005-577 Water Works park Criterium
2005-576 Altoona Spring RR