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BOT p/b McNellie's Group
7521 South 67th East Ave
Tulsa, OK 74133
(918) 639-0050
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Club ID: 10681
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Expired 2015

Club Contacts:
Michael Farlow - Treasurer
Charles Parmain - President

Event Organizers:
Michael Farlow
Jeff Metcalf
Charles Parmain

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Sponsored Events
2013-1581 Palmer's Sand Springs Criterium
2012-3497 Ruts and Guts
2012-930 Palmer's Sand Springs Criterium
2011-3852 Oklahoma Cyclocross State Championship
2011-3267 Cycle A Cross BA - Showdown at Sundown
2011-1943 Palmer's Sand Springs Criterium
2011-1894 Reservoir Cross
2010-2817 Newblock Park Cyclocross
2010-2737 2010 Oklahoma Cyclocross Championships
2010-2565 Showdown at Sundown CX
2010-2371 Oklahoma State Road Race Championship at Flint Rid
2010-1777 Sand Springs Criterium
2010-581 Turkey Mountain Cross Country - TdD #3
2009-2733 2009 Oklahoma Cyclocross Championships
2009-2680 Chandler Park Cyclocross
2009-2489 Chandler Park Cyclocross #2
2009-1490 Sand Springs Criterium
2009-313 Turkey Mountain Cross Country - TdD #2
2008-2596 2008 Oklahoma Cyclocross Championships
2008-1551 Sand Springs Criterium
2008-276 Turkey Mountain Cross Country
2007-619 Cimarron Valley Criterium
2007-376 Turkey Mountain Cross Country
2007-317 Sand Springs Criterium
2006-1164 Turkey Mountain Cross Country
2006-286 Tulsa Port of Catoosa Spring Criterium
2005-484 Turkey Mountain Cross Country