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Cycle-Smart, Inc.
32 Ditson St
Dorchester, MA 02122
(413) 204-3202
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Club ID: 10310
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Jordan Dube - Manager
Adam Myerson

Event Organizers:
James Bilodeau
Alec Donahue
Adam Myerson

Club Teams:
Michigan NeuroSport p/b Cycle-Smart

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-2131 NCC Montague Training Series
2016-1505 Cycle-Smart Cyclocross Camp
2016-1504 Cycle-Smart Cyclocross Camp
2015-3511 Cycle-Smart International
2015-2457 Cycle-Smart Cyclocross Camp
2014-3539 Cycle-Smart International Cross Clinic
2014-2786 Cycle-Smart International
2014-2390 Cycle-Smart Cyclocross Camp
2013-3836 Cycle-Smart International
2013-2654 Cycle-Smart Cyclocross Camp
2012-3734 Cycle-Smart International
2012-2704 Cycle-Smart Cyclocross Camp
2011-3468 Cycle-Smart International
2011-3039 Nor'Easter Cross Powered by Eastern Mountain Sport
2010-3266 Cycle-Smart International
2010-2826 Nor’easter ‘Cross at Loon Mountain
2010-2504 Cycle-Smart Cyclocross Camp
2009-2933 Tour of Mystic Cycling Event
2009-2916 Cycle-Smart International
2009-2493 Cycle-Smart Cyclo Cross Clinic
2008-2730 Cycle-Smart International
2008-2729 Cycle-Smart International Cyclo Cross
2008-2365 Cycle-Smart Cyclo Cross Camp
2007-2636 Cycle-Smart International
2007-2165 Cycle-Smart Cyclo Cross Camp
2007-495 Cycle-Smart Tucson Training Camp
2006-2309 Cycle-Smart International
2006-2053 Cycle-Smart Cyclo Cross Camp
2006-406 Snowbird Cycling San Diego Retreats
2005-2266 Cycle-Smart International
2005-1920 Cycle-Smart Cyclo-Cross Camp
2005-1919 Northfield Cyclo-Cross
2005-132 Tampa Road Camp
2005-127 Indoor Group Rides @ IBC