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Club Information

GS Tenzing
2212 Starleaf Place
Flower Mound, TX 75022
(214) 725-4265
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Club ID: 10298
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Jim Byrd - Observer
Leland Rusk - President
Michael Wert - Vice-President

Event Organizers:
Tobin Behling
David Hassan
Jeffrey LaBauve
Leland Rusk

Club Teams:
GS Tenzing

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2015-2046 2015 Bicycles Plus GSTz Criterium
2014-1935 2014 Bicycles Plus GSTz Criterium
2014-1616 Telluride 100
2013-1773 Texas State Skill Based Criterium Championship
2013-1682 GS Tenzing Criterium
2013-1129 Tuesday Night Crit
2013-268 2013 Tour of New Braunfels Race Weekend presented
2012-2059 Memorial Day at Fair Park
2012-2057 GS Tenzing Criterium
2012-591 Tuesday Night Crit
2012-315 2012 Tour of New Braunfels Race Weekend presented
2011-1606 Texas State Aged Based Criterium Championship
2011-1587 Texas State Skill Based Criterium Championship
2011-642 Tuesday Night Crit
2011-257 2011 Tour of New Braunfels Race Weekend presented
2010-1811 GS Tenzing Criterium
2010-583 Rhapsody Denton
2010-546 Bicycles Plus Spring Criterium
2010-320 Tuesday Night Crit
2010-8 Eggnog & Chunks Holiday Criterium Series
2009-2810 Eggnog & Chunks Holiday Criterium Series
2009-2574 Redondo Denton
2009-2280 Downtown Denton Criterium
2009-1495 GS Tenzing Crit
2009-476 Rhapsody Denton Criterium
2009-398 Dallas Tuesday Night Crit
2008-1914 Downtown Denton Criterium
2008-1888 2008 State Age-graded Crit Championship
2008-762 GS Tenzing Criterium
2008-501 Dallas Crit
2007-2200 Downtown Denton Criterium
2007-2199 Redondo Denton Criterium
2007-1401 GS Tenzing Criterium presented by Bicycles Plus
2007-585 Wheels In Motion TNC
2006-2024 Downtown Denton Crit
2006-1222 GS Tenzing Criterium
2006-673 Plano Cycling Tuesday Night Crit
2005-2169 WurstCross 2005
2005-1314 GS Tenzing Criterium
2005-796 Plano Cycling and Fitness Tuesday Night Crit