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Philadelphia Ciclismo
591 Wartman Street
Philadelphia, PA 19128
(215) 299-6480
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Club ID: 10254
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Joseph Bruce - Treasurer
Jason Eicholtz - President
Matt Harris - MAL
Craig Lebair - Race Director

Event Organizers:
Craig Lebair

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Sponsored Events
2015-2290 Liberty Criterium
2015-2290 Liberty Criterium
2014-2864 Crossasaurus Awesome '14
2013-3617 Crossasaurus Awesome
2013-2574 Liberty Criterium
2012-3560 Crossasaurus Awesome
2012-2691 Liberty Criterium
2011-3823 Crossasaurus Awesome Cyclocross
2011-2272 Liberty Criterium
2010-3263 Spring Mountain Cyclocross
2010-1999 Liberty Criterium
2009-2826 Spring Mount Cyclocross
2009-2134 Liberty Criterium
2009-287 Philadelphia 2 Day Cycling Classic
2008-2563 Spring Mountain Cross
2007-2642 Spring Mountain Cross
2006-813 Philadelphia 2-Day Classic
2005-861 Philadelphia 2 Day Cycling Classic