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Hot Wheels Cycling Team
Steven Florides
5330 W 138th St
Hollyglen, CA 90250
(310) 252-3640
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Club ID: 9177
Club Type: USAC
Club Status: Active

Club Contacts:
Steven Florides - President

Club Teams:
Hot Wheels Factory Team

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-2785 6th Annual Elliot Handler Ride
2016-1040 11th Annual Hot Wheels Club Century
2015-3276 5th Annual Elliot Handler Memorial Ride
2015-947 10th Annual Hot Wheels Club Century
2014-3112 4th Annual Elliot Handler Memorial Ride
2014-1203 9th Annual Hot Wheels Club Century
2013-3597 3rd Annual Elliot Handler Memorial Ride
2013-68 8th Annual Hot Wheels Century
2012-3669 2nd Annual Elliot Handler Memorial Ride
2012-1966 7th Annual Hot Wheels Century
2011-3147 Elliot Handler Memorial Ride
2011-1807 6th Annual Hot Wheels Century
2010-3404 R2R Pearl Harbor Cyclefest
2010-3330 Florida Challenge
2010-3237 Seminole Cyclefest
2010-3207 R2R Las Vegas Cyclefest
2010-3093 Ride 2 Recovery - Golden State Challenge
2010-2982 Fort Bragg Cyclefest
2010-2558 Great Lakes Challenge
2010-2254 Rocky Mountain Challenge
2010-1950 Road 2 Recovery-Memorial Challenge
2010-1749 Road 2 Recovery-Crane Cyclefest
2010-1747 Road 2 Recovery-Sacramento Cyclefest
2010-1677 Road 2 Recovery-Dillsburg Cyclefest
2010-1349 Road 2 Recovery-Texas Challenge
2009-2984 Road 2 Recovery-Florida Challenge
2009-2747 Road 2 Recovery-Memorial Challenge
2009-1620 Road 2 Recovery-Memorial Challenge
2009-921 Road 2 Recovery-Texas Challenge
2008-2695 Road 2 Recovery-Virginia Beach
2008-2635 Road 2 Recovery
2006-1114 Barry Wolfe Grand Prix
2005-1164 Barry Wolfe GP