High School Clubs

Club name Type City, State Expiration  
Gould Academy   USAC  Bethel, ME   12-31-2015   details
Detroit Country Day School   USAC  Beverly Hills, MI   12-31-2015   details
New Vista High School   USAC  Boulder, CO   12-31-2016   details
Transylvania County Schools   USAC  Brevard, NC   12-31-2015   details
Brighton High School   USAC  Brighton, MI   12-31-2015   details
Detroit Catholic Central   USAC  Brighton, MI   12-31-2015   details
Ohio High School Development Team   USAC  Columbus, OH   12-31-2015   details
Upper Arlington High School   USAC  Columbus, OH   12-31-2016   details
Bear Creek Academy   USAC  Cumberland, VA   12-31-2016   details
Texas High School Cycling League   USAC  Dallas, TX   12-31-2016   details
Prince William County Composite   USAC  Dumfries, VA   12-31-2016   details
Folsom United Composite   USAC  Folsom, CA   12-31-2015   details
Hendersonville High School   USAC  Hendersonville, NC   12-31-2016   details
KMS Cycling-Killington Mountain School   USAC  Killington, VT   12-31-2016   details
Dawson School   USAC  Lafayette, CO   12-31-2016   details
Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association   USAC  Lake Orion, MI   12-31-2015   details
Ohio Interscholastic League   USAC  Medina, OH   12-31-2016   details
Mill Valley Middle School   USAC  Mill Valley, CA   12-31-2016   details
Goochland County   USAC  Oilville, VA   12-31-2016   details
San Antonio NEISD Composite   USAC  San Antonio, TX   12-31-2015   details
Piedmont Hills High School   USAC  San Jose, CA   12-31-2015   details
Davidson Middle School Mountain Biking Club   USAC  San Rafael, CA   12-31-2016   details
Northern Virginia Composite   USAC  South Riding, VA   12-31-2015   details
Note: Clubs that have recently expired are highlighted in red

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