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Marian University
Dean Peterson
Indianapolis, IN 46222
(317) 955-6000
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Club ID: 3735
Club Type: USAC
Collegiate Conf: MW
Collegiate Division: D1
Club Status: Active

Funding Status: V
Offer Scholarships: Yes

Club Contacts:
Daniel Gerow - Asst Coach
Michael Kubancsek - Director of Operatio
Dean Peterson - Coach

Event Organizers:
Michael Kubancsek

Club Teams:
Marian University Cycling Team

W = Women Only Team
JR = Juniors Only Team
M = Masters Only Team
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Sponsored Events
2016-2357 TT Throwdown 2016 @ MTV
2016-2356 Fast Friday 2016 Finale
2016-2355 Fast Friday @ MTV
2016-2117 2nd Annual Team Pursuit Showdown at MTV
2016-1714 2016 Major Taylor Racing League: Thursday State Champ Series
2016-1713 2016 Major Taylor Racing League: Thursday Nights
2016-1712 Sprinter's Delight at MTV - Keirin & Match Sprint State Champs
2016-662 2016 Major Taylor Racing League: MIDWEST CHALLENGE at MTV
2016-658 20th Annual MARIAN MIDWEST CYCLING CLASSIC Criterium
2015-3600 Caribbean 'Cross at the Indy Cycloplex
2015-3521 2015 OVCX GRAND FINALE at the Indy Cycloplex
2015-3268 Women's Only Wednesday TT Night
2015-2596 IN&KY State Track Championships at MTV
2015-2560 Fast Friday Finale 2015
2015-2372 Team Pursuit Showdown at MTV
2015-1198 Midwest Challenge at MTV
2015-853 Thursday Race Nights at MTV 2015
2014-3518 OVCX at Indy Cycloplex
2014-3274 Indy Cross at Indy Cycloplex
2014-2910 MWCCC Fall Cycling Festival Track
2014-2894 MWCCC Fall Cycling Festival MTB
2014-2674 2014 IN/KY State Track Championships at MTV
2014-2568 Fast Friday #4 at MTV
2014-2352 Friday Night Lights TT at MTV
2014-2292 Fast Friday #3 at MTV
2014-2282 Fast Friday #2 at MTV
2014-1693 Fast Friday #1 at MTV
2014-1503 Throw Down Thursdays at MTV
2014-1280 Marian Midwest Cycling Classic - Collegiate
2014-1081 Marian Midwest Cycling Classic
2014-79 Midwest Challenge at MTV
2013-3905 OVCX @ IndyCycloplex
2013-3792 CX TTs at Indy Cycloplex
2013-3150 ICX IndyCycloplex Cross
2013-3036 Midwest Fall Cycling Festival
2013-2581 Dial it In at MTV
2013-2296 IN-KY State Track Championships at MTV
2013-1516 $2500 Midwest Challenge at MTV
2013-1464 Fast Fridays at MTV
2013-1462 Time Trial Series at MTV
2013-1460 Throw Down Thursdays at MTV
2013-927 Marian University's 17th Annual Midwest Classi
2013-15 2013 USA Cycling Masters Track Nationals
2012-3833 OVXC Finale at IndyCycloplex
2012-3697 Octoberfest CX Time Trial Series at IndyCycloplex
2012-3487 IndyCycloplex Cross
2012-2824 IN-KY State Championships at Major Taylor/IndyCycl
2012-1693 Time Trial Series at IndyCycloplex/MTV
2012-1691 Thursday Series at IndyCycloplex/MTV
2012-1690 Fast Fridays Race Series at IndyCycloplex/MTV
2012-1633 Midwest Classic
2011-3614 2011 Cyclocross #3 at Lake Sullivan
2011-3612 2011 CX #2 at Lake Sullivan/ Power Booster
2011-3602 2011 Cyclocross #1 at Lake Sullivan
2011-3062 Indiana State Track Championships
2011-2488 Major Taylor Velodrome Summer Race Series
2011-2460 Major Taylor Velodrome TT Series
2011-921 Midwest Cycling Classic - Marian University
2010-914 Midwest Cycling Classic
2009-987 Midwest Cycling Classic
2008-760 Midwest Cycling Classic
2007-1023 Marian College Midwest Cycling Classic
2006-2138 Major Taylor Velodrome Indy Cross
2006-1739 2006 USA Cycling Collegiate Track Nationals
2006-740 Marian Campus Criterium
2006-739 Marian Midwest Classic
2005-956 Marian College Midwest Cycling Classic