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Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Cycling c/o Stud. Act. Off
77 Massachusetts Ave., W20-549
Cambridge, MA 02139
(908) 763-6060
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Club ID: 3695
Club Type: USAC
Collegiate Conf: EC
Collegiate Division: D2
Club Status: Active

Funding Status: C
Offer Scholarships: No

Club Contacts:
Lucy Archer - Beanpot Organizer
Shaena Berlin - Alumnus
Morgan Hennessy - Alumnus
Joseph Near - Alumnus
Anne Raymond - Secretary
Spencer Schaber - Ex-President
David Singerman - Ex-President
Andrea Tacchetti - Treasurer
Corey Tucker - Vice-President
Zachary Ulissi - Alumnus
Jennifer Wilson - President
Ben Woolston - Ex-President

Event Organizers:
Lucy Archer
Ben Woolston

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Sponsored Events
2015-3384 Sliderule Shredfest
2015-606 MIT/Tufts Beanpot 2015
2014-2951 Sliderule Shredfest 2014
2014-2021 ECCC Collegiate Showdown at T-Town
2014-872 MIT X-Pot 2014
2013-973 MIT X-Pot 2013 - TTT
2013-971 MIT X-Pot 2013 - ITT
2013-832 MIT X-Pot 2013 - Criterium
2013-354 MIT X-Pot 2013 - Circuit Race
2011-1080 Boston Beanpot 2.0 Team Time Trial
2011-994 Boston Beanpot 2.0 Circuit Race
2009-702 X-Pot 3D
2008-676 Boston Beanpot Cycling Classic USCF Criterium
2008-674 Boston Beanpot Cycling Classic Road Race
2008-377 Boston Beanpot Cycling Classic Team Time Trial
2007-2319 MIT Wompatuck Race
2007-195 Boston Beanpot Cycling Classic
2006-2008 ECCC Wompatuck Race
2006-511 Beanpot Cycling Classic
2005-635 Boston Beanpot Cycling Classic