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Texas A & M University
Cycling Team
202 Student Rec Center
College Station, TX 77843
(972) 322-6638
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Club ID: 200
Club Type: USAC
Collegiate Conf: SC
Collegiate Division: D1
Club Status: Active

Funding Status: C
Offer Scholarships: No

Club Contacts:
Grant Koontz - Vice-President
Michael Stivers - President

Event Organizers:
Grant Koontz
Michael Stivers
Josh Sutherlin

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Sponsored Events
2015-3125 Texas A&M at Millican Reserve
2015-1244 Texas A&M Roubaix @ William Penn
2014-3111 Texas A&M Cycling: Warda Race
2014-901 Tunis Roubaix
2013-3285 Texas A&M at Warda
2013-169 Tunis Roubaix At William Penn
2012-3804 Texas A&M @ Warda
2012-3108 SCCCC Track Championship
2012-298 SCCCC Cyclocross championship
2012-217 SCCCC Texas A&M Road Weekend
2011-3185 The South Central Collegiate Cycling Conference Mo
2011-2362 SCCCC Track Championship
2011-2360 Superdrome Presents: Collegiate Track Race #2
2011-2320 Alkek Velodrome Presents: Collegiate Track Race #1
2011-494 Tunis Roubaix XIII
2010-3044 Rocky Hill Ranch by Texas A&M
2010-442 Tunis Roubaix XII
2009-2636 2009 SCCCC Mountain Bike Conference at Bar-H
2009-402 Tunis-Roubaix XI
2008-457 Tunis Roubaix X
2007-2236 Power Pedal Ride & Stride
2006-1988 Dingo Derby
2006-259 Prickly Pear Pursuit
2005-1975 Bar H Bonanza
2005-371 Tunis-Roubaix VII
2005-195 A & M Spring Classic