Christian DiCenso Election Statement


Christian DiCenso
Collegiate Committee - Club President

I joined the Georgia Tech Cycling team during my freshman year in 2010 when I found them at a bare table surrounded by bikes during freshmen orientation. I stayed with them through cycling-lingo heavy meetings where I’d nod off after a long day of math classes, rides where my cranks fell off and getting shame for attending a Critical Mass. Three years later I’ve become a die-hard: first just a member, but then treasurer and now president of the club. I’ve foregone fraternity party hangovers for post-race sore-leg slumps. I’ve learned the ins and outs of coercing faculty into hosting an on-campus race. I’ve pulled my hair out, trying to find the time to ride while having to study for a calculus test the next day. I see the difficulty of recruiting new members, not alienating newbies while trying to keep my own fitness. Other club presidents know what I’m talking about here. You have a deep passion for your team, anxiety when you’re on the line, ecstasy when you succeed. It becomes you. Takes you over. Every win is part yours.

I want to extend this passion to a national level and share it with other collegiate teams just the same as my own, all over the country. To see the sport succeed and grow, gaining new members and popularity would be a win not just for myself or my team, but for USA Cycling and my sport. Having the opportunity to represent the hundreds of collegiate teams would be an amazing privilege. The chance to make friends and learn from the most driven and successful individuals on any given campus (because cyclists are usually always so) would be downright stupid to turn down.

Teams, riders, officers: I’d love to be your representation.

Let’s party.

- Christian DiCenso

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