Cari Higgins Election Statement


Cari Higgins
Track Committee - Eligible Athlete (Female)

Thank you for considering me as your Track Athlete Representative for the current election. 
I am proud to say that as your current Track Athlete Representative, I have had an attendance record in which I have been told was unprecedented from my predecessor athlete representative.  Showing up is only the first step but apparently it’s easier said then done.  Over the past 3 years I learned so much about the process of changing and making rules, regulations, and policies.  I look forward to serving the athletes for another term and using these past years’ experiences to promote track cycling both internally within USAC and externally to our members.
I have traveled the world racing my track bike and earning respect as a competitor but I am just as proud of the impact I have made here in the States in promoting track cycling at all levels.  I was the founder and head coach to a junior road/track team for 3 years here in Boulder, I am the director of Exergy TWENTY12’s junior team, and I frequently put on track clinics for Masters riders here in my home state of Colorado.  I tell you this to show that my passion lies beyond quantifying how much I can improve my 500m or 3k pursuit this year.  My passion is for our sport of track cycling!
Serving on the committee means listening to the population I represent and presenting their thoughts, ideas, and desired changes.  I am not serving so only my voice can be heard and so I can preach about the changes I desire. There have been several instances over the last 3 years when I presented questions and ideas that I did not necessarily agree with because you asked me to.  I am a natural listener and have an ability to present ideas in a concise and thoughtful way that invites others to thoughtfully consider what I am saying.  These are qualities you want in a representative.  If you have ever met me, you know that what I am saying is not merely pretty words that are fun to type. 
Again, thank you for your consideration.  Please let me know if you have any issues voting online (as we did for the last election) and I will help you get those issues solved.
(a.k.a. Mama Higgins to a lot of you!)

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