Boulder Junior Cycling Newsletter April 2013


Boulder Junior Cycling Newsletter
April 2013
spring 2013 collage 3
spring 2013 collage 3

 A New Season Begins

From the director: Welcome back. After a short "off season" BJC is back for Spring riding and racing. Our programs continue to grow and it looks like all programs will be full for this spring and summer. The short hiatus during February always gives me time to reflect on what I enjoy most about the BJC family. There are other clubs in other states that are wondering what it is we do that is contributing to our growth, enthusiasm, and just all round great kids. They want to know what we do and how they can do it too. Well, I'm sorry to say that our secret is something that cannot be written down in a book and followed like a recipe. Because our secret is YOU. It is all of the kids that love to ride their bikes. It is all of the parents that love to ride their bikes and are willing to tote their kids to races and team rides. It is all of our coaches who love to ride their bikes and teach our kids. It is our Board of Directors, who love to ride their bikes and are willing to spend countless hours working for the club. It is the Boulder Cycling Community that is just plain crazy about bikes of all kinds and supports us and our program so well. 

- Linda B.




Road Team News


Frost Bite Time Trial - Several BJC members competed in this early season race. 
Davis Wilkey SM 3 18, Torin Bickmore JM 10-12 1, Oliver Hart JM 10-12 3, Andrew Charlet JM 10-12 5, Ethan Wright JM 13-14 3, Jacques de Curnou JM 15-16 2, Cameron Bellian JM 15-16 3, Stuart Mcknight JM 15-16 5, Cade Bickmore JM 15-16 6, Alya Leiberman





4/13 Haystack TTT 

4/26-4/28 BRAC Junior Road Camp 

5/4 Battle the Bear XC MTB race 5/5 Koppenberg 

5/19 Superior Morgul Classic Road Race 

5/25-5/27 Colorado Mini Classic Stage Race 6/15 Colorado Time Trial Championships 

7/20 Mt. Evans Hill Climb- Colorado HC Championships 

7/26-7/28 Salida Classic- TT, Crit and RR 8/4 Bannock Crit- Colorado Jr Crit Championships

 8/17 Louviers Grand Prix- Colorado Jr RR Championships



First Mountain Bike Team Race Set -The first Mountain bike race of the season is coming up on April 13th in Fruita. The Tokyo Joe's Stagiarie team is planning on racing at the Rumble @ 18 Road which will run on parts of the well known "Chutes and Ladders" trail. This is a team race for the Stagiaires.  Although it is not a team race for them, interested Devo riders are also invited to race if they choose.


Even though the weather in Colorado can still bring some snow, some of our riders took the opportunity to  compete in the first Pro XCT "Mellow Johnny's" on the first weekend in March. Jack Tanner and Garrett Gerchar traveled to Austin, TX.  Jack had a terrific race, and finished strong second in Men 15-18 Cat 2 , Garrett raced very well too, got 12th, nice start for the season. Garrett with the help of his dad traveled to California twice to compete in the second and third rounds of ProXCT, and isgetting faster and stronger every race. 


Mountain Bike Spring Camp - The Mountain bike Stagiaire Tokyo Joe's Team once again took a trip to Moab to train over Spring Break. Thank you to the parents who went along to help out Harold Stephenson, Dianna Tanner, David Bailey. See the pictures at the end of this newsletter.
A Thank you from one of our Riders 
(Note from Editor: Garrett Gerchar was invited to attend the Clif Bar Team Cyclocross camp in Belgium in December. BJC was able to provide Garrett with a travel stipend to assist in this opportunity)
Dear BJC Board of Directors,  
I would like to thank you for the travel stipend you gave me for my trip to Europe. I would also like to extend my thanks to everyone involved with the Boulder Junior Cycling program, coaches, volunteers, and our generous donors at the fundraisers we had who have helped me become the rider I am today. The award will help me continue this racing progress through the mountain bike season and on into the Cyclocross season. I appreciate all that the program has done for me in both my mountain bike and Cyclocross racing. Thank you so much for all your help. 
Garrett Gerchar
Read more about Garrett's trip to Belgium
     Over this past winter break, I had the great opportunity to go to Belgium. This was my first trip “across the pond”. The flight out there was an experience, it was very intimidating traveling to another country by myself.  
     The trip out there was one experience but the best experience was the riding. The riding was absolutely one of the greatest things about being in Belgium. On the very first day I arrived I rode with Maxx Chance, we did some of the very best cross riding I’ve ever done just a few minutes from where we were staying. It was called the Donk. It was incredibly muddy but very fun, and there was even a tunnel full of sand. There was so much great riding over in Belgium which is perfect for cross racing. I could see why it is what people think of when they think of cross racing.
     Now the riding was great, but the racing was even better. Over in Belgium there is so much more competition. I raced in the 17-18 category and there were more people in the race than open races here in Boulder. They start so many more people and the start line is packed, as seen in the photo below.
startline belguim 2
startline belguim 2

As for the racers themselves, they are much more aggressive. The idea that you need to sharpen your elbows is so true. In Belgium, you have to be aggressive to be able to do well. There are more elbows being thrown and they are in it to win it. The whole racing mentality of the Belgium racers is completely different. Racing in Belgium and racing back here in America is completely different.

My whole experience in Belgium has both progressed my riding and changed my mentality going into a race. The riding over there is phenomenal, some of the best I’ve ever had the privilege to ride. The racing is on a whole other level. I am so happy to have gone and I am grateful for all of the cool experiences I got by going, on the bike and off.

Sponsor Shout Out - Panache Cyclewear Inc - .
By now most of our Devo riders have made the trip to Panache to check out their clothing. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity, Panache has been an awesome group of people to work with. They have been very helpful with our large and complicated order. But who are they really and what drives them?
The group at Panache, (Andy Pemberton, Kevin Burnette, Scott Cropper, Charlie Suthard, Corey Moxon, Jay Ferracane, Colby Pearce) are driven by the belief that cycling is more than just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle that encompasses the bike, the ride, the friends we make, the competitors we encounter. It’s a lifestyle full of stories shared, both on the bike and off. It’s a lifestyle full of epic journeys, both daily and lifetime. In short, it’s about the Ride, both literally and figuratively; and it ain’t always an easy one… but it is the one we love. I think many in BJC would agree.
THE RIDE ...The Panache teams'  favorite lunch ride is a quick hour and half out US 36 to Nelson road taking a right turn onto 55th for the dirt and down the dirt to make a right hand turn for the Boulder Roubaix finish then back over to Neva road then along the reservoir and down Jay back to office.  They are all primary road or CX riders  with some mountain bike racing in the summer.
Moab Spring Break Mountain Bike Picture Album
Mary's Loop

The BJC Board of Directors
Eric Malmborg, President, John Brunner, Secretary, Paul de Curnou, Vice President, Susan Easterlin, Treasurer, Mary Uchida; Gareth Richards, Marina Lepikhina, Clint Bickmore, Hunter Smith, Alex Dorgan-Ross. In addition to the BOD, the Executive Committee also includes Staff. Linda Behlen Executive Director, Ann Trombley, Coaching Representative.
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 Thank you Boulder Cycling Community for Being YOU
  • Sponsor SHOUT OUT - Panache
Save the Date!
Wed., May 8th
Spring Party and Celebration of Youth Cycling at 
tokyojoes logo 2
tokyojoes logo 2
in Boulder
Tickets will be available at the door for  the following suggested donation -  $25 adults - $5 Kids in BJC Jerseys -  $10 kids not wearing jerseys. Included in your donation are appetizers  dinner and beverage (Beer and wine included)
_____    ________
Donate your Car
Did you know you can donate your car to BJC? Click on the following link to learn more
Strength and Conditioning Classes
The BJC Stagiaire Road and Mountain Stagiaire bike teams participated in 8 Strength and conditioning sessions at  Mountains Edge Fitness in South Boulder. Thank you Mountains Edge for the great facility.
Click on the link to see the video
Thank you to our many Friends and Supporters
Flatirons Subaru 
 Clif Bar 
Tokyo Joe's
Mountains Edge Fitness
Denver Boulder Couriers 
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