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Occurrence Reports
Post: Jun 26, 2013 by Tom Mahoney under category "Best Practices"
Every year we have to mention the reporting of occurrences several times to the officiating community. The good news is that many officials are doing an excellent job of getting occurrence reports to their rightful owners. We have noted that in many cases, and in the case of serious accidents, officials are doing a great job of faxing the reports and the waivers to Chubb, our insurance carrier listed on the report. However, please remember that if something is important enough to fax to Chubb, then it is equally important to fax that info to USA Cycling. You can send it to me or you can send it directly to your membership services representative, but we need to have it at the same time the insurance company gets it, otherwise they start hitting us up with lots of questions that we cannot answer. Thank you.