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March Rule of the Month
Post: Mar 20, 2013 by Tom Mahoney under category "Rule Interpretation"
Here is the rule of the month:


The first set of changes has to do with a series waiver. This was a process formalized in MTB rules for decades, but never adopted into any other discipline. This year we decided to give it a try in other disciplines. Whenever there is some sort of series or awards for multiple events, it leads to challenges for riders in the middle categories that may upgrade during the series. It is as it becomes a strategy to see who can do just well enough to win the series without doing so well that they get upgraded. This series waiver attempts to give a rider the possibility to finish a series in his old category even though he may technically have the number of points to be upgraded.

Note that the caveats in 1E1(c) are fairly restrictive for anything but a MTB race. The reason for that is that some “series” such as a BAR competition may take all season. It is not fair to continue to allow a rider to ride down in category for two long. Thus this series waiver is only for a short series and can only be used once per rider per category. In other words, the same rider cannot start series A, then start series B and expect to be able to waive the upgrade for both of them.

In 1E2(a), we did a couple of things. First, some of the numbers were changed. Second, and most important, we removed the timeline for completion out of the voluntary points upgrades. For example, to upgrade from 4 to 3 on the road, you can request an upgrade with 20 points. It used to say 20 points in a 12 month period, but the timeline has been removed.

However, this rule took effect in 2013. We have decided that riders who were accruing points in 2012 could roll those forward and use them in 2013 and beyond, but we would not make this rule retroactive and consider points from prior to 2012. This was the reason for the addition of rule 1E1(d).