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June Rule of the Month
Post: Jun 19, 2013 by Tom Mahoney under category "Rule Interpretation"
The rule of the month actually comes from the discipline table in chapter 8:
Other activity or actions not specifically covered by the rules but bringing discredit upon the sport Warning, Relegation or DSQ Warning, Relegation or DSQ and fine not to exceed five hundred dollars. Warning, Relegation or DSQ and fine not to exceed five hundred dollars.
We have noticed that this rule is quoted quite frequently on fine sheets, yet by its nature this rule should be very rare. I am thinking that sometimes what is meant is this one:
8A5(l) Failure to sign in when required Warning fine 1st -- fine
2nd -- fine and DSQ
which by its nature is one of the most often used in a stage race. I note that the little, “i” and the little “l”, might be easy to confuse, both by the writer and by the reader. When we get a stack of fine forms for each from a stage race with the 8A5(i) citation, I have to wonder if there was a mass public urination going on, or the entire peloton began to moon the crowd. Probably it was a bunch of failure to sign in.

However, if you really do have an 8A5(i) citation to give, then please also indicate on the form somewhere what really happened, because we get calls from riders wanting to argue their fines and we need to at least know what they were really fined for. The same is true for 8A5(b), unsportsmanlike conduct. Some indication of what it really was that occurred, such as foul language, would be appreciated.