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January 2014 Rule of the Month
Post: Jan 27, 2014 by Tom Mahoney under category "Rule Interpretation"
January’s rule of the month is 1A2(c), one-day licenses:

"(c) One-day Beginner licenses may be purchased online through the USA Cycling registration system or onsite at any USA Cycling sanctioned event and are valid for a single day of racing. One-day beginner licenses may only be purchased by the lowest category of racer for that discipline; i.e., category 5 men for road, track, and cyclo-cross, category 4 women for road, track and cyclo-cross, and category 2 or 3 for MTB. One-day licenses may not be used for Championship events. No rider may purchase a one-day beginner license if he or she ever held an annual license with a category higher than any of the aforementioned."

This rule change is designed to accomplish a couple of things. First it established the basic intent that a one-day license is supposed to be for someone who is a beginner.  By that definition it is for people who have the lowest category for the discipline/gender combination that is applicable. Second, it specifies that if you ever had a higher category than that and later dropped down, you are not really a beginner anymore and need to buy an annual.
Another big change for this year is that we will be doing true one-day licenses for MTB races. That is to say all riders will have either an annual or a one-day. This is a big change from our procedures over the last ten years where we did not require any sort of license for riders that were MTB 2 or 3. 
 Jeffrey Helgerson  commented on Feb 18 2014 @ 03:13:59
How will officials know if a rider ever held a license for a higher category that would disqualify them for a one-day license? It may be difficult to enforce the new rule change unless we personally know if the rider was a previous annual license holder.
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