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Post: Oct 16, 2015 by Kevin Loughery under category "default"
Dear members of the USA Cycling community:
As I move forward in my early tenure as CEO of USA Cycling, it has become clear to me that it is essential to keep an open line of communication with the American cycling community as our organization evolves in the years ahead. We must address the challenges and opportunities we face together with a spirit of collaboration. To that end, I am launching a blog to regularly share the state of our organization, ideas we are exploring and progress we are making. I will also be sharing my thoughts on the key issues facing our sport. My hope is you all will better understand what we are doing and why, and have the opportunity to help guide our efforts.
I will also be using social media to connect with you all, so please follow me and reach out on Twitter (@DBouchardHall) and LinkedIn. And as always, never hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with me via email at I read those emails personally!
In the spirit of keeping you all up to date, I’d like to share with you now my key areas of focus for the months ahead. While we have much to be proud of as a governing body, we must improve in certain fundamental areas. Hearing your input and giving it much consideration, here are my priorities: USA Cycling must enhance relationships with important groups that make up the foundation of our sport – like local associations and officials, among others – by creating a more collaborative environment; we must increase our focus on core membership concerns with a customer service mindset and an aspiration to be great at governance; we must create a broader platform for grass roots development and the success of elite athletics which leaves no discipline behind – this will require finding resources we don’t currently have; we must make progress in important causes like the development of women’s cycling, safety and anti-doping; and we must become relevant to a broader range of cyclists and event promoters, embracing non-traditional racing formats like gran fondos which are helping to introduce new participants to cycling.
In the coming months, I look forward to sharing my thoughts on these priorities and other issues that emerge. Hopefully you will take interest in the actions and initiatives we are planning or undertaking and provide us your feedback.
Speaking of which, I want to thank so many of you for the outpouring of support and enthusiasm I have received this summer since taking over at USA Cycling. I have met many of you personally at various events, received your emails and spoken with you on the phone. We are very lucky to have a passionate membership and vast network of volunteers that want the best for cycling in America. Your energy is paramount to the continued development of our beautiful sport.
Finally, I must highlight that the World Championships for road cycling begin this weekend in Richmond, returning to American soil for the first time since 1986. It’s going to be an amazing event that highlights the best of American road cycling. You won’t want to miss the action, and I’m sure you join me in supporting our Team USA athletes!
Enjoy the ride,