August 2011 Phone Call Notes


When: Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Time: 10:45 Mountain Time
            Attendees:   Mark Guthart (IBRA), Jeff Poulin (NYSBRA), Steve Mathias (NMBRA), Darrell Webb (NCA), Tamara Bissette (MtBRA),  Randy Legeai (LAMBRA), Diane Fortini (NEBRA), Buddy Brownstein (MOBRA), Jeremy Nagoshiner (TBRA), Bruce Dunn (ABC), and Jack McNeal (BRAO).
Staff:  Larry Martin, Valecia Frasier, Susan Diller, Jan Luke-Hamasaki, Andrea Brunelli, Randy Inglis, George Heagerty, Sean Petty, Gordon Weldon, Debbie Francis, Beth Vialpando, Stuart Lamp, and Fred Blattspieler.
If you were present for the call, and I missed your name, please send me an e-mail so that I may add you to the list
            Recorded call here:

1)    Timeline for refunds requested by Race Directors:
1.       Race Director submits ACH request through the system
2.       As long as he submits his request before 3:00 A.M. on Tuesdays, the ACH funds transfer will depart from our bank by Thursday
3.       As long as the Race Director submits his request before 3:00 A.M. on Thursday, the funds transfer will depart from our bank by Monday
4.       Same for checks – checks will be mailed on Thursdays and Mondays
2)    iphone Application
With the new USAC iphone (and soon Android app), riders can now show their license on their phone, but some officials might not know that’s proof of a valid license.
3)    2012 State Championship medals
Have been redesigned – look more like national championship medals
Will ship in November
Will send a sample image when I have one
Make sure your medal counts are accurate as you will not be able to use leftover medals from this year
4)    LA Summit
Dates:  Friday, November 4th to Sunday November 6th
Please send flight itineraries to me by September 1st
5)    Fred Blattspieler – Reminder about one-day licenses and annual licenses sold by on-line registration companies other than USAC
·         The only valid on-line one-day license is the one that is sold by USAC.  No other on-line registration companies have the right to sell them.  Bike Reg has been selling annual licenses, and SBO has been selling one-days.
o   Wet signatures are required for insurance purposes.
o   USAC will not honor a $10 credit towards an annual license if sold through other outlets.
o   There have been isolated instances of companies even selling annual licenses.  In those cases, USAC will not honor it as an annual license
6)    Fred Blattspieler – Reminders from Membership:
·         Workflow reminders:
o   Permit approvals: All permits should be reviewed and processed within 10 days of receipt unless more information is required of the organizer/promoter.
o   Upgrade approvals: Upgrades should be processed within 7 days of receipt unless more information is required. If the rider cannot supply supporting documentation within a reasonable length of time (15 days) the request should be denied until such time the rider can provide that documentation. 
7)    Open Discussion

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