Andrew Messer Election Statement


Andrew Messer
Cyclo-cross Committee — Masters Athlete

First and foremost, I love bikes and love bike racing. It’s at the core of who I am.

I feel I qualify to be a Cyclocross Committee Member because I don’t have the narrow focus of just a racer, promoter, or fan because I’m all three. As well, I'm approachable and well liked by fans and competitors equally, and with that direct connection people can offer thoughts and opinions as to how they see things and how they feel things can be improved upon. This feedback combines with my experiences to help me see and understand different viewpoints to develop a more complete perspective that can be fed back into the committee.

I race around 25 cyclocross races per year, ranging from local underground all the way up to [inter]national events. I've raced from coast to coast so I've seen what works and doesn't work for putting on a successful race to make people want to come back the following year. This is what makes for sustainable growth for the sport year after year.

Finally, I'm a fan of bike racing and would love to have some role, however small, in that growth.

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