A Letter From Star Track's National Champion Stephanie Torres


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 Stephanie Torres at the 2011 Collegiate National Championships. 

 Star Track
June 2014 

A Letter from National Champion Stephanie Torres

Stephanie Torres — who first learned to ride a bike at Kissena Velodrome with Star Track — recently graduated from Marian University in Indiana where she earned a cycling scholarship, won several gold medals at the Collegiate Nationals, and helped lead the cycling team to its eighth consecutive Division I championship. We are so proud of everything Stephanie has accomplished. Last month, we received this letter from Stephanie and wanted to share:
I recently received the newsletter from Star Track. I'm so impressed with how far the program has come! I'm so proud and grateful to have been a part of something so special.
I graduated from Marian University just a couple of weeks ago. Can you believe I made the road nationals squad and finished with the main group? I can't say I ever saw that coming when I started out at Star Track.
This academic year was a big one for me. I received my bachelor's of arts with honors. I was a part of the collegiate road cycling national championship squad. I was crowned collegiate national champion in both the sprints and the 500. It's been a big year. Still, all of my accomplishments got me thinking: how can I give back?
Star Track did a lot for me and I want to do a lot for it. Is there
anything I can do to help the program? Outside of helping in the
actual sessions of course. I loved being an assistant coach. Still, I feel like I could be doing more to help the program.
If there's anything you can think of, let me know.
Thanks for everything,


Last Saturday, Stephanie returned to Star Track to help coach the kids during our Spring Session Finale. There were 10 heats of races with more than 60 riders, and Stephanie's presence helped inspire our already very-motivated kids. Thank you, Stephanie! 
Star Track racers at the Spring Session Finale, May 31, 2014. Photo courtesy of Chung Leung Lai. Many more great photos from the event are available here.
Ongoing and Upcoming:
• Star Track Summer Session
July 8 — August 23, Kissena Velodrome
 The goal of Star Track is to empower NYC children, ages 7-14, from underserved communities by building self-confidence, strength, goal setting, and teamwork through the exciting sport of track racing. Since its inception, Star Track has trained over 1,000 children through its program at the Kissena Velodrome.

Star Track was recently honored to be designated as a USA Cycling Center of Excellence. 
This designation is awarded to select junior and Under-23 development teams which excel in the development and training of young cycling athletes. 

Learn more: www.startrack.us

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