2014 Collegiate Membership Contests


Would you like Bonk Breaker to supply your team with free products? We're making it easy: recruit new members! We're running two contests, the winners of each to be announced in December:

  1. Biggest New Team
  2. Established Team with the Most Growth
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So how do you know whether you're on track to win or not? First, check out ​this page to see where you stand (last updated 12/1/2014), and then keep an eye on your membership on your club's Details page at usacycling.org. We will update the standings on a weekly basis. If, on November 30th, the deadline for both contests, you are the largest new club or the team with the most growth, voila! More Bonk Breaker product than you can shake a stick at.

These contests are based on the number of collegiate licenses attached to each club - non-collegiate licenses do not count, and neither do non-licensed members of your school club. Again, the deadline is November 30. For info on last year's winners, click here.

Send questions to Emily Palmer. Now go recruit!

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