2014 CapTech USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals Preview


Rocky Mountain Conference, Director Nicolas Jimenez

The Rocky Mountain Conference is returning to the 2014 CapTech USA
Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals with the goal of utter
Mesa State Cycling - Nationals 2006
Colorado Mesa University Cycling -  2006
domination of the podium. 

For Division 1 there is a massive amount of talent coming from three legendary collegiate cycling teams, Fort Lewis College, Colorado State University, and University of Colorado - Boulder. On the men's side, Dean Hass (FLC) and Griffin Easter (FLC) are pure animals, while Bill Golembieski (CU) and George Simspon (CSU) are brutally powerful. On the women's side, Nicolle Bruderer (CU) is seeking a podium repeat. 

For Division 2 the team to beat is Colorado Mesa University. CMU is hands down the fastest D2 team around and they will not be denied. Look for Ariane Horbach (CMU) to be lighting up the women's field and Spencer Oswald (CMU) to be doing the same in the men's field. 

The entire Rocky Mountain Conference representation consists of extremely talented riders and all, when given the opportunity, will show why the conference is the best and the fastest collegiate cycling conference around! GO RMCCC! 


Atlantic Conference, Director Will Massey

The Atlantic Conference is ready for its time to shine as we head into the Richmond starting this Friday.  With many returning faces as well as some new threats for the competition, ACCC schools will be turning heads as well as pedals this weekend as they represent their home turf on the amazing Richmond, Virginia courses.  
Starting with the TTT its tough not to mention Duke as a huge competitor with their two consecutive national championships in D2 along with the incredibly strong Navy team that is new to D2 this year, both looking to fly the stars and stripes for the next year. Regardless of finishes Navy will be representing our countries colors as some of the most enthusiastic supporters will be joining in for cheering on their teammates!  In D1 App State who aren't unfamiliar with the podium will likely take back their usual high placing as well with an incredibly strong team.  For D2 the Navy women's TTT is also going to shock the division with a huge talent pool and some very quick racers this year!
For the Men's Crit there are simply too many names in the Atlantic Conference to list but don't be surprised to see some impressive teamwork and incredible strength coming from the East Coast.  For D1, first year team George Mason will be sending veteran rider Dave Fuentes for the fast course while the Appalachian State University crit squad including Zeb King and Alan Garvick are sure to mix things up.  Matthew Bruner of NC State who just minor points away from overall conference leader Taylor Pearman (Virginia Tech) will also look to bring the Wolfpack some attention.  And since it isn't RVA without VCU riders Evan Lang and Chris Jones are sure to shock many as their strength has proven itself multiple times this season.  

In D2 the Duke squad again will be looking to reclaim the Stars and Bars with the likes of Alexander Fulton, Eoin McDonnel, Kaleb Nageli and Matthew Howe while Navy will also be sending a full squad and some impressive power such as Ty Mechling and Patrick Diamond.  Stephen Vogel will be the sole men's representative for Wake Forest University but for those who haven't raced with or against him , our best advice is hold on for dear life.  
Adelaide Tillinghast and Tess Senty (D2 and D1 Respectively) both took home individual omnium championships this year and are looking to continue where the left off this weekend with hard attacks and vicious effort to take the top step of the podium.  Nina Laughlin and Cinthia Lehner of App State are hoping to take their own W however with the likes of Navy, Duke and UNC- Chapel Hill and UNCW all attempting to do the same.
For the RR once again look for American Universitys Adelaide Tillinghast to light up the kickers and still have some pop for the end in D2 as Ruth Bates of Navy and Becky Johnson of Duke represent the ACCC as well. App will show some strong power again in the RR with UNC's Grace Chappell also showing a huge rise to form this season with some impressive results in the competitive ACCC fields.
Hot off of the individual omnium win Virginia Tech's Taylor Pearman and Sean Gardner hope to show off for friends and family at the local race site by nabbing some great finished in both of these riders first year in the A's.  Chris Jones of VCU will likely do the same after winning the conference road race but be on the lookout for Bryan Lewis of UVA as this recently MTBer turned Roadie is able to put silly amounts of power down on rough terrain.  The Navy and Duke squads will both be out in force to compete for high spots in the team omnium as well as the overall and with many graduating seniors these riders will be giving it everything they have to put their name down in collegiate cycling history. Good luck to all the Atlanatic Conference riders!


Northwest Conference, Director Miles Crumley

The Northwest Conference has seen hard fought battles all season and expects to dominate the standings across the board. For the D1 women's field, Rosalyn Rombauer of Washington State University (2nd place finisher in the Individual Time Trial last year), has dominated the women's races and will be a force to contend with alongside Suzy Nelson from Portland State University. These riders are complimented by a strong showing in the D2 race from Whitman ZCollege that includes returning champion Mackenzie Stanley alongside teammates Rachel Greiter and Dessier Weigel.

On the men's side, "The Field Lappers" from Portland State Unviersity will be up to their usual tricks in the D1 races, with Cole Lalomia, Joel Fletcher and Peter Buco representing the university on the bike. In the D2 race Alex Cartier will compete for the Unviersity of Idaho, having achieved wins and top tens across the board this season. 


Southwest Conference, Director Joey Iuliano

Omnium leaders from week six of the SWCCC (Photo Credit: Alex Winkler)
Omnium leaders from week six of the SWCCC (Photo Credit: Clipped in AZ)
The Southwest will be represented by University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University (D1 schools). Arizona State University has a very strong and cohesive women's team and should do well in the TTT. Lindsey Ryder is their strongest rider and a top 10 in the ITT or Road Race would not be surprising. Northern Arizona University Amy Chandos and University of Arizona Allison Alterman will factor in the races as well since they are both very aggressive riders with experience in the peleton.

On the men's side, University of Arizona is bringing a very experienced squad and will be a dominate team! The team has not been shy about ambitions to become one of the key players in collegiate cycling and is building a strong program. The men's TTT squad (lead by ex-pro Quinn Keogh) is a dark horse and a top 5 or better is possible with the weekly training they have put in. Keogh and Max Rich will also be good picks for the criterium, Rich was practically unbeatable in crits this spring and Keogh will bring a wealth of experience to the team to help the squad out. In the road race, University of Arizona is again packing heat with 6 riders (Iuliano, Keogh, Rich, David Carlson, David Greif, and Jake McLaughlin) all of whom have won road races throughout the season. The short punchy climbs in the Tucson foothills have provided prime training ground for the team once the courses were announced and the team has spent the last few weeks riding up there preparing for Richmond glory!


Midwest Conference, Director Matt Jones

The Midwest Conference has a storied history with podiums and expects to continue this trend at the 2014 CapTech USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals. Marian University is coming to Richmond with a target on its back, and teams from Lindenwood and Lindsey Wilson continue to sneak wins away from the program. This may be Lindenwood's year on the men's side with a consistently strong team representation that includes professional riders Brandon Feehery and Jonathan Freter as well as omnium leader Matt Brandt, a favorite for the D1 Criterium. Not to be detered, David Novak of Lindsey Wilson and his teammate Chris Tveter recently went 1,2 at the Marian home race. Novak showed his strength on the track this past fall and Richmond will be no different. Expect to see him in the action at the end for the D1 Road Race. For the TTT it is no suprise that the well drilled, returning national champion squad from Marian is expected to take the stars and stripes again, but look for a surprise performance from either the Lindenwood or Wisconsin riders.

Lindsey Wilson finished 1st with Chris Tveter and 2nd with David Novak (Photo Credit: Hannah Hayduk)
Lindsey Wilson finished 1st with Chris Tveter and 2nd with David Novak at the Marian home race (Photo Credit: Hannah Hayduk)

In the D2 men's field, Notre Dame has dominated the entire season, even taking a few wins from the larger varsity programs. John Pratt has led this charge and is expected to be an active force in both the road race and criterium. This will continue into the TTT where a podium finish for Notre Dame would not be out of the question. 

On the women's side, professional riders Coryn Rivera and Allie Dragoo lead a very strong Marian squad that has only become more of a force as the season progressed. Look for the leadout train and get out of their way as they likely land several riders on the podiums in both the criterium and coad race. In adddition to this look for strong performances from Wisconsin's Sarah Huang, Lindsey Wilson's Hannah Hayduk, and the strong trio of riders from Lindenwood including Lindsey Durst, Jacqueline Denny and Amber Vredenburg. In the TTT it is Marian's to lose and a top step is expected from the returning national champions. In the D2 Women's field, Anne Gerard of Burtler will be a force to be reckoned with and is a strong contender for podium finishes in both the criterium and road race.  


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