2013 Masters Track Communique 85


2013 USA Cycling Masters Track National Championships
July 30 - Aug 4, 2013
Indy Cycloplex, Indianapolis, IN
General reminder – Road Bikes do not belong on the track surface.
Sanctions from the session originally scheduled for 8:00AM Wednesday:.
Men 35-39 Points Race
            6 NIEUWENHUYZEN Eduardo    Entering Sprint Lane when occupied during Sprint 8
            19 MONKO Grzegorz                      Coming out of the Sprint Lane during Sprint 9
            6 NIEUWENHUYZEN Eduardo    Passing underneath during Sprint 11
As a result of getting 2 relegations, 6 NIEUWENHUYZEN Eduardo is disqualified from the event per rule 2B11.
Men 50-54 Sprints
Warning         171 SCHMITZ John                        Leaving the Sprint Lane once sprint was engaged
Men 40-44 1 kilo TT
Warning         27 BROADHAG Kurt           Delay of program
FINE:  $50
27 BROADHAG Kurt           8A5(a) Failure to respect the instructions of the commissaires
  • specifically 2 warnings for delay of program in 2 different events

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