2013 USA Cycling Juniors Track Nationals Communique 1


2013 USA Cycling Juniors Track National Championships
July 25th-28th, 2013
Valley Preferred Cycling Center, Trexlertown, PA

1.     All events will be run according to current USA Cycling rules and regulations, published event formats, and information in the communiqués.
2.     Rider’s helmets must conform with the Rules of USA Cycling and must be worn at all times while on the bike including warm-up and warm-down.
3.     The race jury will be comprised of the following officials:
Bruce Brasaemle-Chief Referee, Dorothy Abbott-Starter and Bonnie Walker-Judge/Referee.  Alternate members may be designated as needed from the panel of officials.
4.     NUMBERS MUST BE WORN ACCORDING TO THE TABLE BELOW, and may not be trimmed or folded. Riders presenting themselves at the line without the proper numbers, with their numbers trimmed, or with their numbers folded may have their start refused. This chart will be used for the Omnium.
Event Numbers to be worn
Sprint Qualifying (Flying 200m) 2 hip numbers
Individual Pursuit & Time Trials 1 large number (center of back is OK)
Team Pursuit (ea. rider) 1 large number (center of back is OK)
Team Sprint (ea. rider) 1 large number (center of back is OK)
Match Sprints/Keirin 2 hip numbers
Points and Scratch Races 2 hip numbers
Madison 2 hip numbers
For races where 2 hip numbers are required, they must be placed so that one hip number is on the left side positioned for the photo finish and the other number positioned for the announcer and the spectators.
5.     Rider heats will be published and announced.  Riders may not delay competition (untimely reporting for equipment verification, not reporting as scheduled or taking too much time to get ready).
6.     For those events where seeding is based on a timed qualification, riders withdrawing after qualifications and before the first heats are established will be replaced by the next fastest rider. All withdrawals must be promptly reported to the race secretary, Heather Allen.
7.     UCI Rules for Junior 17-18 Events: All events run for Junior Men and Women 17-18 (including Madison and Keirin) will be run under UCI rules. All other age groups will be run under USAC rules.
8.     14 and Under Junior Bicycle Restrictions:  All riders 14 and under must compete on mass start legal bicycle as defined by USA Cycling regulations 1I5 and 1I1(g) (no handlebar extensions, no disc wheels or wheel covers, wheels must have at least 16 spokes).
9.     Junior Rollout and Bicycle Check:  All riders will be required to present your bicycle for roll out or bicycle check before each competition/heat.  Gear restrictions will be in accordance with USA Cycling rulebook, General Regulations, 1I4 on Page 40, except that there will be no gear restrictions in the following events:  Men’s and Women’s Keirin, and Men’s and Women’s Madison.  Junior Men and Women 17-18 bicycles must conform to UCI bicycle regulations and are reminded that the minimum weight for their bicycles is 6.8 kg.  Please ensure that you present your bicycle to the equipment check area with adequate time before your start.

10.   Start Procedures:  All categories of riders will be hand-held.  The starting procedure is as follows: once riders (both if two up) are signaled ready by the officials, a 15 second countdown will begin, a beep indicating ten seconds to go will be heard, beeps will then be heard at 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and a final changed tone at the start of the race. 
11.   500 Meter and Kilometer Time Trials, and Individual Pursuits will be run as two-up heats with one rider starting on the home straight and the other on the back straight.  Any changes to this will be announced with a communiqué or start list.
12.   The top four qualifiers in the Individual Pursuit will move to the finals with 3rd seed vs. 4th seed for 3rd & 4th place and 1st seed vs. 2nd seed for 1st & 2nd place.
13.   Team Sprint will be ridden as a final with one team on the track at a time.
14.   Men’s Team Sprint is a 3-lap, 3 rider event. Women’s Team Sprint is a 2-lap 2 rider event. Riders are reminded that the rules for exchanges have changed. Rule 2L3(d) states: At the completion of their lap, the rear edge of the leading rider’s back wheel must cross the pursuit line ahead of the leading edge of the front wheel of the following rider. Thereafter, the leading rider must draw aside immediately and ride above the sprinter’s line within 15 meters after the pursuit line.
15.   Starts for the Team Sprint and Team Pursuit competitions. Riders shall start either side-by-side or staggered at an angle of 45 degrees behind the start line with a spacing of 1 meter for pursuits and 1.5-2 meters for Team Sprint.
16.   Points Races will be conducted as follows:  Heats will be conducted as necessary. Distances of heats and finals will be as published in the event schedule.  Sprints will be every 2km (6 laps).  Ties on points are broken solely on the final sprint.
17.   The Keirin will be conducted over 6 laps, 4 laps paced behind the motor.  While the motor is on the track, the leading edge of the rider’s front wheel may not pass the trailing edge of the motor’s rear tire.  The Keirin competitions will be run in two rounds:  a first round with a repechage; and a final
18.   Men 17-18 Sprints:  From the top 16 riders in the 200 m sprint qualifying, the top 12 will qualify into 1/8 final round; ¼ final, semi and final rounds will be best 2 out of 3 rides.  9th -16th place will be determined on the 200 m time trial.  Women 17-18 Sprints:  Top 8 will qualify into the ¼ final round; all rounds will be best 2 out of 3 riders.  Men 15-16 and Women 15-16:  Top 8 will qualify into the ¼ final round; all rounds will be single-elimination except that there will be a 5th – 8th ride for riders who do not advance from the ¼ final round.
19.   Any changes to the race schedule will be published the previous day, and may include cancellation of heats if none are needed.  Distances for heats, if needed, are generally half the distance of the final.
20.   National Champions and Medals.  The winner of each event in the Junior Men and Junior Women 17-18 will be declared the National Champion.  The National Champion in the Men 10-12, 13-14 and 15-16; and the Women 10-12, 13-14 and 15-16 will be based on an Omnium of the individual Track National Championship Events.  The Omnium will be scored in accordance with USA Cycling regulation 2O (page 80).  For placing of riders with no points in the Omnium, the 500m TT will be the tiebreaker. Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each individual Track National Championship Event for all ages.
21.   Antidoping Testing will be conducted by USADA for this event in accordance with USADA regulations.
22.   Riders may have only one coach on the track apron during any event.  In mass start events, coaches must stay off of the apron along with all equipment.
23.   All riders, managers, coaches, mechanics, and other infield pass holders are under the supervision of the officials and under the regulations of USA Cycling.  Inappropriate conduct may result in removal from the infield or facility.
24.   Rider warm-up.  Riders with significant age, speed and ability differences will be on the track at the same time.  Please use appropriate caution.

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