2013 Elite Timed Track Communique 1


2013 USA Cycling Elite Timed Track National Championships
Aug. 9-11, 2013
VELO SportsCenter, Carson, CA
1.     All events will be run according to current UCI rules and regulations in conjunction with the rules and regulations of USA Cycling, published event formats, schedules and information published in the communiqués.
2.     The schedule is subject to change for each and every session, according to the number of participants, heats required  (or not required) or composition of the finals.  Every attempt will be made to publish such changes at the end of the previous day’s session.  Riders are responsible for reviewing the schedule before each session and planning accordingly.  Updated schedules will be available on the web site of USA Cycling at all times.
3.     The race jury will be composed of the following officials: Randy Shafer-Chief Referee, IC, Boris Decourt-Chief Judge, NC and Steve Crews-Starter, NC.  Alternate members may be designated as needed from the panel of officials.
The remaining officials are:
Heather Allen, Assistant Referee
John Allen, Assistant Referee
Stacia Hood, Assistant Judge
Lynn Taylor, Secretary
Jeff Wu, Assistant, NC
4.     Rider’s helmets must conform to the rules of USA Cycling and must be worn at all times while on the bike, including warm-up and warm-down.
5.     NUMBERS MUST BE WORN ACCORDING TO THE TABLE BELOW, and may not be trimmed or folded. Riders presenting themselves at the line without the proper quantity of numbers, numbers trimmed, or folded may have their start refused.  Rider’s numbers are their access to the infield.
Event Numbers to be worn
International Omnium 2 hip numbers* (all events)
Individual Time Trials 1 large number (center of back is OK)
Team Pursuit (ea. rider) 1 large number (center of back is OK)
Team Sprint (ea. rider) 1 large number (center of back is OK)
Keirin (non-championship) 2 hip numbers*
*For races where 2 hip numbers are required, they must be placed so that one hip number is on the left side positioned for the photo finish and the other number positioned for the announcer and the spectators.
6.     Infield access is allowed only with a pass. Infield access passes for non-competitors must be purchased on line or at the race venue for $20. All riders, managers, coaches, mechanics, and other infield pass holders are under the supervision of the officials and under the regulations of USA Cycling.  Inappropriate conduct may result in removal from the infield or facility.
7.     Riders may not delay competition and may be fined for doing so. (Untimely reporting for equipment verification, not reporting as scheduled or taking too much time to get ready).  Rider heats and start lists will be published and announced. 
8.     For those events where seeding is based on a timed qualification, riders withdrawing after qualifications and before the first heats are established will be replaced by the next fastest rider.
9.     All withdrawals must be promptly reported to the race secretary, Lynn Taylor.  All changes to rider’s participation in registered events must be reported to the race secretary by the end of the preceding session.
10.   Bicycles must conform to UCI bicycle regulations.  Please ensure that you present your bicycle to the equipment check area with adequate time before the start of each competition. Bikes removed from the check area must be resubmitted prior to each competition.  The following regulations are highlighted simply as normally critical verification items.  There are many other regulations that apply and are not listed here.
a)     The minimum weight for bicycles is 6.8 kg.  Non-functional weight may not be added to the frame.
b)     Frames, cranks, handlebars, seat posts, etc. may not be modified.  Nothing may be added, drilled, taped over or holes covered except with the manufacturer’s specific device.  Disc wheel valve covers of any kind are allowed.
c)     Saddles must be fixed horizontally with a maximum of 2.5º inclination, up or down (with .5º of tolerance of the measurement equipment).  Saddle gripping tape is allowed only if it is provided by the manufacturer of the saddle.
d)     Saddle (nose) must be -5 cm behind the vertical line passing through the center of the bottom bracket, except sprint events, without morphological exceptions.  No saddle may be further forward than the vertical line passing through the center bottom bracket.
e)     Handlebar extensions may not extend further than 75 cm beyond the vertical line passing through the center of the bottom bracket.  Exceptionally, 80 cm is allowed for morphological reasons.
f)      Only one morphological exception is allowed (forward saddle position or handlebar extension).
g)     For massed start events, the forward most point of the handlebars may not project horizontally more than 5 cm beyond the center of the front wheel axle.  For sprint events, that distance is increased to 10 cm.
h)     All frames not bearing a UCI manufacturer’s label must comply with dimensional characteristics as specified in the regulations. 
11.   Riders may have only one coach on the track apron during any timed event.  In mass start events, coaches must stay off of the apron and inside the fence along with all spare equipment.
12.   All electronic readouts must be covered or installed in a manner that they are not viewable.
13.   Start Procedures:  The start block starting procedure is as follows: once riders (both if two up) are signaled ready by the officials, a 50 second countdown will begin, a long beep will be given at ten seconds to go.  Beeps will then be heard at 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and a final changed tone indicating the start of the race. 
14.   500 Meter and Kilometer Time Trials, and Individual Pursuits will be run as two-up heats with one rider starting on the home straight and the other on the back straight.  Any changes to this will be announced with a communiqué or start list.
15.   The top four qualifiers in the Individual Pursuit will move to the finals with 3rd seed vs. 4th seed for 3rd & 4th place and 1st seed vs. 2nd seed for 1st & 2nd place.  The finals for the Individual Pursuit and the International Omnium-individual pursuit will be conducted at the same time and may affect final seeding.  In order to compete for the Individual Pursuit title, riders competing in both the Individual Pursuit and the International Omnium, must ride the Individual Pursuit qualifying heats.
16.   The team pursuit is ridden with teams of four riders for both men’s and women’s events.  Team Pursuit and Team Sprint will be ridden with one team on the track at a time for qualifying and as a two-up final.
17.   Men’s Team Sprint is a 3-lap, 3 rider event. Women’s Team Sprint is a 2-lap, 2 rider event.
18.   Riders for the Team Sprint and Team Pursuit competitions shall start either side-by-side (straight line) or staggered at an angle of 45º behind the start line.  For the Team Pursuit, spacing shall be 1 meter and Team Sprint, 1.5-2 meters.
19.   National Champions, Medals and Award Ceremonies. Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each individual Track National Championship Event. The top 5 riders/teams must attend the awards ceremonies.
20.   Antidoping Testing will be conducted by USADA for this event in accordance with USADA regulations.
21.   Rider warm-up.  No audio listening devices are allowed on the track surface.  Road bikes are not allowed on the track apron.  Riders from different disciplines and with varying equipment will be on the track at the same time.  Please use appropriate caution.  No starting block training is allowed during open warm-up.

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